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Project RED: Module 4: Re-Engineering Patient Discharge: The Hospital

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Sample Process Map: Patient Discharge

Image: Illustration of patient discharge process by profession - physician, nurse, pharmacy, DA


This high-level process map differentiates who does what by discipline. This Cross-Functional Flow Map or Swim Lanes Diagram shows that while each discipline swims in its own lane, each discipline may not be aware of or understand the redundancies that are occurring. In this map, all of Project RED's 11 components are present or implied; however, there are many communication breakdowns between the disciplines. As a result, the patient may have experienced fragmented care and disjointed education. For the ideal state map, you can use any type of process map that you like, but try to keep it simple and at a high level. Capture what happens 80 percent of the time on all units, and do not become swamped in the details of variation across the units. Your future state ideal map will streamline all activities with a goal of attaining staff, patient, and family satisfaction.

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