27. Project (RED): Principles of the Newly Re-Engineered Hospital Disc

Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

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Project RED: Principles of the Newly Re-Engineered Hospital Discharge

  1. Explicit delineation of roles and responsibilities.
  2. Discharge process initiation upon admission.
  3. Patient education throughout hospitalization.
  4. Timely accurate information flow:
    • From PCP [primary care physician] → Among Hospital team → Back to PCP.
  5. Complete pt. discharge summary prior to discharge.
  6. Comprehensive written discharge plan given to pt. prior to discharge.
  7. Discharge information in pts. language and literacy level.
  8. Reinforcement of plan with patient after discharge.
  9. Availability of case management staff outside of limited daytime hours.
  10. Continuous quality improvement of discharge processes.

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