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Project RED: Re-Engineered Discharge (Staff Training)

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Re-Engineered Discharge Principles

  1. Explicit delineation of roles and responsibilities.
  2. Discharge process initiation upon admission.
  3. Patient education throughout hospitalization.
  4. Timely accurate information flow:
    From PCP > Among hospital team > Back to PCP
  5. Complete patient discharge summary prior to discharge.


"Project RED has 10 guiding principles that are specific to the re-engineered hospital discharge process. The re-engineered discharge process requires well-defined roles and responsibilities for health care team members. The re-engineered discharge begins at admission, and patient education occurs throughout the hospital stay. Timely, comprehensive, and accurate information flows among caregivers and across settings. The primary care physician sends information to the hospital and, in return, the hospital sends very specific information to the primary care physician through the discharge summary and the Patient Care Plan."

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