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Project RED: Re-Engineered Discharge (Staff Training)

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Post-Discharge Phone Call

  • Decide who calls the patient after discharge
  • Decide when the follow-up call will be made
  • Develop the caller's script
  • Develop the process for off-shift and weekend discharges


“Project RED patients receive a phone call from hospital staff 2 to 3 days after discharge to assess their status, review medication plans, review follow-up appointments, and take appropriate actions to resolve problems. If the patient has questions or needs that must be addressed by a specific health care professional, the caller will arrange another call to the patient from that health care professional.”

Note: Tell the group the name of the person who will make the follow-up calls and what will prompt a second call to the patient from another health care professional.

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