Celebrate Team Success

Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharge) Training Program

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Celebrate Team Success

Now that your team has successfully redesigned your facility's discharge process, showing your appreciation to the team members is an important next step. Recognize the effort and enthusiasm your team members displayed as they took on a project that affects patients, staff, and stakeholders. Tips on ways you can relay your appreciation to the team are below.

  • Publicize your success. Nothing augments praise like amplification. You can work with your hospital's communications staff to feature your team's story in an internal newsletter or in a press release to local media.
  • Personalize your appreciation. When you send your e-mail and letter that recognizes the team's efforts and accomplishments, make sure that each team member's name is included. Make sure team members' names also appear in any presentation on the project.
  • Promote the impact of the discharge redesign project. As you publicize your successes, also promote its impact, such as a decrease in rehospitalization rates, for example. This data provides valuable information for measuring the success the team achieved.
  • Ask for feedback. Ask team members to share their experiences, especially what they liked about the process and what they would do differently. Give each member an opportunity to talk about what he or she is most proud.

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