Scenario 1 (Text Description)

Care Coordination Measures Atlas

Scenario 1: Mrs. Jones. This diagram is an application of Figure 1, and shows a triangle encircled by a ring and a series of circles. The circles are labeled with various participants, settings, and kinds of information related to Mrs. Jones' need for care coordination detailed in Scenario 1. The circles labels are: primary care, test results, community resources, medications/pharmacy, and medical history. The ring, which connects all the circles, represents care coordination. The triangle within the inner ring represents the three perspectives noted in the triangle in figure 1-patient/family, health care professional(s), and system representative(s).

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Current as of January 2011
Internet Citation: Scenario 1 (Text Description): Care Coordination Measures Atlas. January 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.