Chapter 3 Figure 2 (Text Description)

Care Coordination Measures Atlas

This figure is a flow chart of the Care Coordination Measurement Framework. The top box is label, 'Goal: Coordination Care (go to Chapter 2).' An arrow flows from it to a box beneath, which states, 'Mechanisms: Means of achieving goal.' This is linked two boxes beneath it. The left labeled Activities: Actions hypothesized support coordination. Not necessarily executed in any structured way. on right labeled, 'Broad Approaches: Commonly used groups activities and/or tools these oval that Effects. Experienced different ways depending upon perspective.' Three lines connect small ovals below (from right): Patient/Family Perspective, Health Professional(s) System Representative(s) extends those final Measures. statement at bottom figure reads, 'Context: Settings, Populations, Timeframe, Facilitators, Barriers.'

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