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Articles from AHRQ's Research Activities Newsletter

Research Activities, January 2013:
Decision modeling can demonstrate potential trade-offs between survival and quality of life in advance directives
AHRQ report examines the effect of quality improvement interventions on palliative care

Research Activities, August 2012:
Introduction of hospice services by nursing homes does not significantly affect nursing assistant staffing

Research Activities, July 2012:
Many surgeons do not discuss advance directives with their patients before surgery

Research Activities, March 2012:
Pediatric nurses express differing perspectives on palliative care
Medicaid nursing home reimbursement affects nursing homes' approach to end-of-life care

Research Activities, December 2011:
Most children receiving palliative care live for more than a year after beginning such treatment

Research Activities, September 2011:
Minority patients with nonsmall-cell lung cancer are less likely to receive hospice services than whites

Research Activities, August 2011:
Caregivers for advanced cystic fibrosis patients want to discuss intensive treatments and symptom relief

Research Activities, July 2011:
Physicians more reluctant to deactivate some life-sustaining devices than others

Research Activities, June 2011:
Elders' preferences for end-of-life care are not captured by documentation in their medical records

Research Activities, May 2011:
Nurse survey identifies important but underused end-of-life care skills

Research Activities, March 2011:
More nursing home residents are receiving hospice care

Research Activities, February 2011:
Gender trumps religiosity in older Mexican Americans' views on physician-assisted suicide

Research Activities, January 2011:
Nursing home hospice patients are not receiving adequate treatment for nonpain symptoms

Research Activities, February 2010:
Doctors typically agree with surrogates' decisions on care

Advice Column from Dr. Carolyn Clancy

07/07/09 Talking About End-of-life Treatment Decisions

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