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Tool 2G: Managing Change Checklist

Preventing Falls in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality of Care

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Background: This tool can be used to monitor your progress on completing the managing change activities.

Reference: Developed by Falls Toolkit Research Team.

How to use this tool: The Implementation Team leader (or individual designated by the leader) should complete the checklist upon starting his/her role as leader and review the checklist quarterly thereafter.

Use this tool to ensure you have not skipped any essential steps in your fall prevention efforts.

Managing Change Checklist

Implementation Team composition 
   Team leader identified and in place 
   Members with necessary expertise/role identified and invited 
Linkage to senior leadership defined and established 
Team startup 
   Team agenda and charge clearly stated 
   Necessary training and resources in place for team to get started 
   Current state of fall prevention practice and knowledge assessed 
   Current practice and policies systematically examined 
   Challenges to good practice identified at organization and unit levels 
   Staff knowledge assessed 
Starting the work of redesign 
   Approaches to redesign explored and chosen 
   Gap analysis conducted between current practice and recommended practice 
Setting goals and plans for change 
   Specific goals set 
   Plan initiated for making changes to meet those goals 
   Preliminary plan in place for sustaining the changes 

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Current as of January 2013
Internet Citation: Tool 2G: Managing Change Checklist: Preventing Falls in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality of Care. January 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.