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Tool 3P: Best Practices Checklist

Preventing Falls in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality of Care

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Background: This tool can be used to monitor your progress on identifying best practices in fall prevention for your hospital or hospital units.

Reference: Developed by Falls Toolkit Research Team.

How to use this tool: Complete the checklist. This tool should be filled out by the Implementation Team leader (or individual designated by the leader).

Use this tool to ensure you have not skipped any essential steps in your fall prevention efforts.

Best Practices Checklist

PracticeDate Completed
Identify a set of best practices 
Create a clinical pathway 
Identify key elements of a fall risk factor assessment 
Choose a tool for assessing risk factors 
Explore approaches to documenting and reporting results of fall risk factor assessment 
Develop fall prevention care plan based on identified risk factors 
Identify approaches to documenting and communicating care plan 
Develop system linking changes in fall risk factors to changes in care plan 
Ensure all levels of staff are aware of care plan 
Develop system linking care planning to actual interventions 
Choose or develop postfall assessment protocol 
Customize the set of practices for specific work units 

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Current as of January 2013
Internet Citation: Tool 3P: Best Practices Checklist: Preventing Falls in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality of Care. January 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.