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Table 2.5. Completeness Report Definitions

On-Time Quality Improvement Manual for Long-Term Care Facilities

Column Headers


Documentation Section

  • Meal Intake (displays day and evening shift views)
  • Bowels
  • Bladder
  • Behaviors
  • Skin Observations


Displays week ending date for 4 consecutive weeks

Percentages (for each section and each week)

The percentage calculation is the same for each section:

  • The number of times an entry was made for each charting section is counted and then divided by the total number of possible entries for the current week.
  • The value displays as a percentage.
  • The percentages indicate portion of residents on a nursing unit having documentation completed. For example, 99.4 percent meal intake for breakfast means that 99.4 percent of residents on the nursing unit have their meal documentation charted.

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