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Table 3. Staff Resources Needed To Implement On-Time

On-Time Quality Improvement Manual for Long-Term Care Facilities


Staff Members


Time Estimate

Clinical leadership

Director of Nursing Services (DNS)

Provide leadership, support, and guidance for the team effort; hold team accountable; help remove barriers; resolve issues

Project oversight throughout

Team coordinator

QI personnel; Assistant DNS, staff educator, MDS nurse

Provide day-to-day project coordination; act as resource to core team and facility staff; act as liaison to facilitator; schedule team meetings, ensure staff attendance, ensure project compliance

4 to 8 hours/month

Core team/ champions

Dietitian, nurse managers, charge nurse, CNAs, staff educator/ QI from each unit; MDS nurse

Serve as champions for the QI effort; support front line team; relay project information to frontline staff

Meetings: 1 to 2 hours/month

Participation in all team meetings/conference calls (30-minute calls)

  • Bi weekly for the first 9 to 12 months
  • Monthly for the next 6 to 9 months

Ad hoc team members

Social services, rehab, restorative, activities

Attend team meetings; implement discipline-specific process improvements

Meetings: 0 to 2 hours/month

Frontline team staff

CNAs, nurses on all units

Attend team meetings; implement process improvements

Process improvements: 30 minutes to 1 hour/ month

Health IT contracting and support

Administrator, Health IT personnel

Maintain vendor relationship; ensure requirements are integrated; support use of software

Time commitment varies by level of CNA electronic documentation before On-Time

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