Web Conference: On-Time Quality Improvement for Long-term Care

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On June 12, 2007, Siobhan Sharkey made a presentation in a Web conference entitled "On-Time Quality Improvement for Long-Term Care." This is the text version of Siobhan Sharkey's slide presentation.

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Characteristics of Successful Facilities

  • Strong Administrator and Director of Nursing support
  • Willingness to establish a multidisciplinary team to focus on the program
  • Commitment to quality improvement (QI) process and a history of successful QI efforts
  • Dietician participation in team
  • Core group of stable CNAs or lead CNAs
  • Staff development time to support implementation and training

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Approach: Overview

This slide contains a graphic of a timeline that resembles a forward arrow representing an 18-month time period.

Month 1-3: Workflow Redesign and Pilot Implementation

  • Steps:
    • Establish facility implementation team
    • Redesign CNA documentation
    • Pilot implementation of redesigned forms

Month 1:

  • Steps:
    • Finalize IT plan

Month 4-12: Facility-wide implementation

  • Steps:
    • Implement new CNA documentation
    • Incorporate reports into daily workflow processes
      • Dietary
      • MDs
      • Staff development
      • RNs
      • CNAs

Month 12-18: Review Progress and Assess Impact

  • Steps:
    • Review progress and refine processes

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What is Expected of a Participating Provider?

  • Assign project point-person
  • Create a multidisciplinary implementation team including CNAs
  • Replace current CNA documentation forms with facility-specific "On-Time" standardized documentation tools
  • Participate in regular conference calls: facility-specific and multi-facility team meetings
  • Commit to full-facility implementation:
    • CNA documentation forms and workflow redesign
    • Technology solution for data capture and reports
  • Participate in pre- and post-implementation feedback to assess impact

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Strategies to Address Barriers

  • View program as an accelerator of culture change, QI and health IT adoption
  • Partner with staff development and Dietary
    • Strong team members
  • Dedicate project management resources
  • Provide technical assistance to project leads and promote CNA peer-to-peer training
  • Promote collaborative learning across facilities
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