Existing Pressure Ulcers Report

On-Time Pressure Ulcer Healing Project

This report provides the clinician with a comprehensive list of residents with existing pressure ulcers receiving weekly wound assessments and ulcer care. Clinicians can use the report as a tool to track and manage resident pressure ulcer care. The report provides ulcer-specific information, such as ulcer location, size, and ulcer duration in days. It also includes other relevant clinical information, such as nutritional supplement use, weight loss, and total number of resident risk factors. Also, clinicians can compare ulcer progress to available benchmark data for similar ulcers.

Sample Table: Residents With Previously Reported Pressure Ulcers

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#Room/ BedResi-
dent Name (Last, First)
dent ID
Ulcer Onset DateNew/ Re-
Admit/ AcquiredUlcer SiteInitial StageHighest Visual-
ized Stage
Current StageUlcer Length (cm)Ulcer Width (cm)Ulcer SA cm2Ulcer StatusUlcer DaysBench-
mark Days + Or -
# Tx ChgsNutr. Supp.Highest % Wt Loss Last 30 Days# RF
1100/2Jones, Sarah0002226/1/07NADLHLIIIIIII1.2 L2.22.64IM14+23N 5
2212Smith, James0001116/3/07RAQRBIIIVIV1.8 L2.85.04WO12+133Y 6
3311/2Brown, Joseph0003336/5/07NADCXIIIIIIII1.2 L1.21.44IM10-12N 8
4322/2White, Mary0002215/1/07NADLBIIIIVII1.0 L1.41.4SA44-25Y1.8%8

Column Definitions

Room/BedResident room and bed location
Resident NameLast Name, First
Resident IDResident unique identifier
Ulcer Onset DateDate ulcer first identified
New/ReopenedUlcer newly identified (N) or past ulcer reopened (R); Reopened = Prior history of Stage II or greater in the same location within 2 weeks
Admit/AcquiredUlcer found on admission (AD) or acquired (AQ)
Ulcer SitePressure ulcer location code; displays one code per line
Initial StageStage of ulcer when it was first identified: I, II, III, IV, or Unstageable (U)
Highest Visualized StageHighest visualized ulcer stage; system stores current visualized ulcer stage each report week; display highest stored stage during course of ulcer
Current StageCurrent ulcer stage; capture most recently reported ulcer stage from "current visualized ulcer stage" on wound assessment tool (Form 2)
Ulcer Length (cm)Ulcer length value entered on wound assessment tool for report week; use L or C to indicate which method used: L – longest length or C – clock method
Ulcer Width (cm)Ulcer width value entered on wound assessment tool for report week
Ulcer Surface Area (SA) cm2Ulcer surface area as cm2 based on ulcer length and ulcer width values entered on wound assessment tool for report week
Ulcer StatusIM = improved; WO = worsened; SA = same for most recent report week
Ulcer DaysDuration of pressure ulcer in days as calculated from onset date to report date
Benchmark Days + or -Actual ulcer days compared to benchmark ulcer days (expected heal time); display + to indicate above benchmark days and – to indicate below benchmark days
# Treatment ChangesTimes the ulcer treatment has changed during course of ulcer; # treatment refers to which treatment series currently in place, e.g., 3rd, 4th, 5th; if only one treatment ordered since onset date, displays 1
Nutrition SupplementsY = yes; N = no to indicate if resident on a nutritional supplement; display if "nutritional supplements" checked on wound assessment for report week
Highest % Wt. Loss Last 30 DaysHighest % weight loss in last 30 days (30 days from report date); if no weight loss for past 30 days, leave cell blank

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