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MONAHRQ® is a desktop software tool that enables organizations - such as state and local data organizations, regional reporting collaborations, hospitals and hospital systems, nursing homes and nursing home organizations, and health plans - to quickly and easily generate a health care reporting Website. MONAHRQ® analyzes, summarizes, and presents the following information in a format ready for use by consumers and other health care decision makers on:

  • NEW! – Consumer-based websites
  • NEW! – Side by Side Comparison Report
  • Quality of care (Nursing Homes)
  • Physician data
  • Quality of care (at the Hospital level)
  • Health care utilization (at the Hospital level and Emergency Department level)
  • Preventable hospitalizations (at the Area level)
  • Rates of conditions and procedures (at the Area level), and
  • Estimated costs and cost-savings (related to the quality of care)

MONAHRQ® lets you create a Website using your own inpatient discharge data, emergency department data, pre-calculated AHRQ Quality Indicators results, inpatient and outpatient measures from CMS Nursing Home and Hospital Compare, and/or HCAHPS survey measures.

Any organization can use MONAHRQ® to generate a reporting Website. You simply:

  • Download MONAHRQ® software
  • Load your data
  • Select Website options
  • Generate the Website on your own computer
  • Host the Website yourself
For a full demonstration Website generated by MONAHRQ, visit the MONAHRQ® 6.0 Build 2 demo site.
For links to live reporting Websites generated using MONAHRQ, visit the MONAHRQ® Websites page.

For detailed documentation on measures and methods used by MONAHRQ® download the Host User Guide 6.0 Build 2 [ PDF file - 14.05 MB] . For information on how to improve health care quality in key areas, visit the My Quality Improvement page.

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Page last reviewed June 2016
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