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MONAHRQ®User Guides

  • Host User Guide 6.0 [ PDF file - 10.35 MB] - provides detailed instructions on how to install the MONAHRQ® 6.0 software, load your data, and generate a reporting website. We strongly recommend that you closely follow the MONAHRQ® Host User Guide.
  • Quick Start Guide 6.0 [ PDF file - 341.33 KB] - Quick Start Guide highlights changes in MONAHRQ® 6.0. It is designed to guide MONAHRQ® users as they upgrade to the 5.0 release or install MONAHRQ for the first time.
  • Measure List 6.0 [ Microsoft Excel file - 129.08 KB] - The Measure List is an easy-to-reference spreadsheet listing all of the measures available in MONAHRQ® 6.0. The measure list reflects the default measure description information that is provided in MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2.
  • Release Notes 6.0 [ PDF file - 266.76 KB] - Updated Release Notes reflect information on the specific changes in addition to the information about the new features and changes in the newest version of MONAHRQ 6.0.
  • Fact Sheet 6.0 [ PDF file - 426.47 KB] - The Fact Sheet is an overview of MONAHRQ® and its capabilities

If you would like guides for previous MONAHRQ® versions, please refer to the MONAHRQ®Archives.

Toolkit to Promote Your MONAHRQ-generated Website

This toolkit provides guidance on how to increase awareness and use of public websites you generate using MONAHRQ. The Toolkit offers promotional strategies and approaches, in addition to templates to modify and use in your outreach and engagement activities.

Toolkit to Promote Your MONAHRQ-generated Website [ PDF file - 582.2 KB]

Individual promotion templates:

Measure Description Information

The MONAHRQ® software loads measure description information that it uses to generate web pages. By default, MONAHRQ® includes measure description information for CMS Hospital Compare measures and for the AHRQ QI version 4.5.

If you are running MONAHRQ 4.1 or earlier, Measure description information for the AHRQ QI version 4.4 is also available.

To install the measure description information, download and save the installation package. When you run the installation package, you will be prompted for an installation directory. You must specify the root directory where the MONAHRQ® software is installed. The files will automatically be placed in the appropriate subdirectory. Please note that the previous files will be overwritten.


SAS Formatting Utilities for the AHRQ Quality Indicators

MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 imports pre-calculated quality measures. If you wish to import quality indicator results from the AHRQ Quality Indicators software for SAS, you need to use these utilities to reformat your measure results files. Download one or more utility files for each of the desired AHRQ QI modules. Instructions on installation and use of these utilities are provided in the Host User Guide.

Version 1.1


This set of presentations provide more information about the usefulness and features of the MONAHRQ software.

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