Downloading MONAHRQ® Software

MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build # 2 (August 2014) 

AHRQ is pleased to announce the release of MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 – which adds to the 5.0 redesign with several new measure enhancements based on user feedback. MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 is a new version that replaces all previous versions of MONAHRQ®.

Installing MONAHRQ® will take a few simple steps. The MONAHRQ® Host User Guide, Release Notes, and other helpful documentation can be found on the Resources page.

Step 1
Install Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework if it is not currently installed. Unlike previous versions of the Microsoft.NET Framework, this version can be used on both 32- or 64-bit systems.
Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework [ - 48.11 MB]

Step 2
Step 2 Install Microsoft SQL Server R2 2008 Express or above if it is not currently installed and you do not have access to a networked SQL database server. Save and run the correct version based on your system (32 or 64 bit).
32-bit Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe, 241 MB)
64-bit Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (sqlexprw_x64_ENU.exe, 253 MB)

Step 3
Step 3 Install MONAHRQ® , save, and run the file.
MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 (MONAHRQ_setup_502_08186102014.exe, 155.13 MB)
**The latest software download is MONAHRQ 5.0 Build #2.  If you are an existing MONAHRQ 5.0 Host User, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version of MONAHRQ. You will not be required to uninstall previous versions of MONAHRQ software. If you are new to MONAHRQ 5.0 and higher, you will be prompted to complete the initial installation process as a first time Host User. After your first installation of MONAHRQ 5.0 or higher, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version in future installation processes.

If you are using MONAHRQ 4.1 or lower, you will not be required to uninstall the MONAHRQ software. To proceed with installing the MONAHRQ 5.0 Build 2 software, download the installer from this page and proceed with completing the steps defined by the installer.

Step 4 (Optional)
MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 can import and report sets of pre-calculated quality measures.

AHRQ Quality Indicators™ (QI): You can use the AHRQ Quality Indicators™ software for SAS or Windows to calculate the AHRQ QI™ directly from inpatient discharge data. In MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 cost calculation is embedded, so the Area QI™ Cost Calculator for SAS or Windows is no longer needed, as was the case with MONAHRQ® 4.0.1. If you use the AHRQ Quality Indicators™ software for SAS, reformat the measure results for MONAHRQ® using these SAS formatting utilities. If you have used the AHRQ Quality Indicators™ software for Windows, no additional formatting is needed.

CMS Hospital Compare measures: Visit the Data page to download CMS Hospital Compare quality measures that are formatted to use with MONAHRQ®. You should download the measures from the Data page, not from the Hospital Compare website. It is the same data, reformatted to use in MONAHRQ®. Updated files are available approximately quarterly. If you would like an older version of the Hospital Compare data, please visit the Archives page or contact MONAHRQ® Technical Support.

Medicare Provider Charge data: Visit the Data page to download the Medicare Provider Charge data file that is compatible with MONAHRQ® 5.0 Build #2 Updated files are available on an annual basis. The most recent file with a collection year for the full year of 2011 can be used.

Visit the Resources page for detailed information on MONAHRQ® installation.

For earlier software versions go to the MONAHRQ® Archives page.

Page last reviewed November 2014
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