Meetings and Conferences

AHRQ events hosted to discussed primary care topics


Conference on International Lessons in Primary Care
On April 4, 2011, AHRQ hosted a small conference on international lessons in primary care system design and development. Leading thinkers, researchers, and implementers from Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom joined a delegation from the United States to discuss:

  • models of care,
  • system and community infrastructure,
  • quality and safety,
  • process of health system change and sustainability, and
  • financing and incentives.

The goal of the meeting was to propose a policy roadmap for the United States to revitalize its primary care system. AHRQ provides this summary of the conference and individual papers from each of the seven participating delegations.


A National Agenda for Research in Collaborative Care (11-0067)
Papers from the Collaborative Care Research Network Research Development Conference