Delivery System Research Initiative

Topical Papers and Briefs
Presentations, papers, and briefs on advanced methods and critical challenges for delivery system research.

Select for a summary of opportunities for advancing delivery system research, activities to support this research, and messages for delivery system researchers.


Methods and Metrics Issues in Delivery Systems Research | PowerPoint Version [ Microsoft PowerPoint file - 100.59 KB]
Jeff Alexander, University of Michigan (Subsequently published as Alexander JA, Hearld LR. Methods and metrics challenges of delivery-system research. Implement Sci 2012 Mar 12;7(1):15. 

Identifying Key Areas for Delivery Systems Research | PowerPoint Version [ Microsoft PowerPoint file - 190 KB]
Lawrence Casalino, Weill-Cornell Medical College

The Spread Problem | PowerPoint Version [ Microsoft PowerPoint file - 733 KB]
Joe McCannon, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Implementing Team Approaches for Improving Diabetes Care in Health Centers | PowerPoint Version [Microsoft PowerPoint file - 1.58 MB]; Video [338 MB; this Windows Media® video is saved as a compressed ZIP file and will require additional software on your computer for local use. (Plugin Software Help)]
Hector Rodriguez, UC Berkeley School of Public Health


Alexander JA, Herald LR. Methods and metrics challenges of delivery-system research (PDF File, 196 KB). Implement Sci 2012 Mar 12;7(1):15.

Lawrence P. Casalino. Identifying Key Areas for Delivery System Research ( PDF file PDF version - 538.28 KB ). AHRQ Publication No. 14-0024-EF. February 2014.

Joe McCannon. Framing a Discussion on Scale-up and Spread. Conference to Advance the State of the Science and Practice on Scale-up and Spread of Effective Health Programs. Washington, DC, July 6-8, 2010.

Journal Special Issue

Integrating Mixed Methods in Health Services and Delivery System Research. This special issue of Health Services Research, sponsored by AHRQ, contains papers solicited and reviewed using the journal’s standard procedures, along with an editorial overview. Papers address: research designs for achieving mixed methods integration; processes in mixed method research teams; mixed methods analyses of care redesign and care delivery in diverse settings. Included among the papers are reports on research by Debra Scammon (Michael Magill, PI) and Todd Gilmer, PI, which were funded under the Delivery System Research Initiative. To access the issue, go to

Care Management Brief

Farrell T, Tomoaia-Cotisel A, Scammon D, Day J, Day R, Magill M. Care Management: Implications for Medical Practice, Health Policy, and Health Services Research. AHRQ Publication No. 15-0018-EF. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. February 2015.

Farrell TW, Tomoaia-Cotisel A, Scammon DL, et al. Care management: implications for medical practice, health policy, and health services research. Salt Lake City: University of Utah School of Medicine; 2014.

Select for information on delivery system research grants funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

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