Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Evidence-Based Reports

Closing the Quality Gap: Revisiting the State of the Science (April 2011–February 2013)
   Closing the Quality Gap Series: Overview
   Closing the Quality Gap Series: Summary Report
   Quality Improvement Interventions to Address Health Disparities
   The Patient-Centered Medical Home
   Public Reporting as a Quality Improvement Strategy
   Bundled Payment: Effects on Health Care Spending and Quality
   Medication Adherence Interventions: Comparative Effectiveness
   Quality Improvement Measurement of Outcomes for People With Disabilities
   Improving Health Care and Palliative Care for Advanced and Serious Illness
   Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections
   Through the Quality Kaleidoscope: Reflections on the Science and Practice of Improving Health Care Quality

Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies (August 2004–June 2007)
   A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies
   Diabetes Mellitus Care
   Hypertension Care 
   Antibiotic Prescribing Behavior
   Asthma Care 
   Healthcare-Associated Infections
   Care Coordination

Cancer Survivorship Care (March 2014)
Technical Brief

Communication and Dissemination Strategies To Facilitate the Use of Health-Related Evidence (November 2013)
Evidence Report

Asthma Guidelines, Health Care Provider Adherence (May 2013)
Comparative Effectiveness Review

Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices (March 2013)
Evidence Report (has link to Making Health Care Safer: A Critical Analysis of Patient Safety Practices)

Outpatient Case Management for Adults With Medical Illness and Complex Care Needs (January 2013)
Comparative Effectiveness Review

Interventions To Improve Patient Adherence to Hepatitis C Treatment (December 2012)
Comparative Effectiveness Review

Health Benefit Design, Consumer-Oriented Strategies for Improving (July 2007)
Technical Review

Care Coordination Strategies for Children With Special Health Care Needs (June 2007)
Technical Review

Quality-based Purchasing, Support Strategies (July 2004)
Technical Review

Medicare Expenditures for Physicians' Services (October 2003)
Technical Review

Patient Safety Indicators: Hospital Data (August 2002)
Technical Review

Refinement of the HCUP Quality Indicators (May 2001) (Archived)
Technical Review

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