AHRQ's Knowledge Transfer Program

AHRQ’S Knowledge Transfer (KT) Program is intended to accelerate the dissemination and implementation of AHRQ’s evidence-based products, tools, and research findings into the health care system.

What Is AHRQ's Knowledge Transfer Program?

The KT Program focuses on disseminating AHRQ’s evidence-based products, tools, and research to specific audiences. These projects fall under the Indefinite Deliverables Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract classification.

What Is Indefinite Deliverables Indefinite Quantity?

The KT IDIQ contract is a mechanism that supports AHRQ’s mission and priorities. It is structured as follows:

  • Functions as a small business set-aside.
  • Consists of six selected contractors (i.e., Atlas, AFYA, Crosby, Hayes, PRIME, and Reingold).
  • Remains in effect for a contract period of 5 years (2012-2017).

Ongoing Projects

  1. Title: Educating the Educators: Developing Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Tools for the People Who Educate Consumers, Patients, and Caregivers

    Description: This project seeks to create tools and a train-the-trainer workshop curriculum to educate clinicians about using patient-centered outcomes research in shared decisionmaking.

    Contact: Alaina Fournier (Alaina.Fournier@ahrq.hhs.gov).

  2. Title: Integrating Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Into Clinical Decision Support Systems

    Description: This project seeks to provide an understanding of the landscape for health information technologies, such as clinical decision support systems, and the steps necessary to effectively integrate patient-centered outcomes research information into such systems on a wide scale.

    Contact: Kristie Kiser (Kristie.Kiser@ahrq.hhs.gov).

  3. Title: Implementing AHRQ Tools for Nurses To Improve Quality of Care

    Description: This project supports nurses’ awareness, implementation, and ongoing use of AHRQ’s evidence-based resources. in a variety of nursing organizations. It creates, accredits, and makes available seven unique Web conferences that promote the use of AHRQ’s  evidence-based resources such as the Effective Health Care Program and ePSS and Patient Safety in Long-Term Care training modules respectively.

    Contact: Margie Shofer (Marjorie.Shofer@ahrq.hhs.gov).

  4. Title: TeamSTEPPS® On-Line Training

    Description: This project consists of converting, implementing, and evaluating the existing TeamSTEPPS® Master training course curriculum, currently available as an in-person workshop, to an online accredited training program paired with technical assistance and Master Trainer certification.

    Contact: Joanne Robinson (Joanne.Robinson@ahrq.hhs.gov).

  5. Title: Online Continuing Education Series 1 Modules

    Description: This project focuses on extending the dissemination of continuing medical education/continuing education (CME/CE) modules based on comparative effectiveness research (CER).

    Contact: Barbara Kass (Barbara.Kass@ahrq.hhs.gov).

  6. Title: Continuing Education of Comparative Effectiveness Research

    Description: This project aims to expand the dissemination of online continuing education by creating new modules based on comparative effectiveness research (CER).

    Contact: Barbara Kass (Barbara.Kass@ahrq.hhs.gov).

Completed KT Projects

A list of recently completed projects is as follows:

Innovations/Emerging Issues

  • Medicaid Medical Directors Learning Network (Phase 2)

    The Medicaid Medical Directors Learning Network provided a forum for clinical leaders of the State Medicaid programs to discuss their most pressing needs as policymakers. This project helped the Medicaid Medical Directors (MMDs) use relevant AHRQ products and related evidence to improve the quality of care delivered to the Medicaid population.

Patient Safety

  • Patient Safety Learning Network

    The purpose of the State-based Patient Safety Learning Networks was to create an ongoing collaborative relationship between AHRQ and hospital executives, physicians, nurses, quality improvement experts, and/or other stakeholders

Archived Projects

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Current as of February 2014
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