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Appendix A. Comprehensive Activity List 10-5-06 (continued)

Evaluation of AHRQ's Children's Health Activities

Project TitleInitial Funding YearPIGrant NoStudy ID
Child mental health and mental health service use2002Ganz, MichaelR03 HS13047EXT106
Washington University Pediatric Research Consortium2002Garbutt, JaneR21 HS13530EXT107B
Using the telephone to improve care in childhood asthma2004Garbutt, JaneR21 HS15378EXT107A
Statistical inference for cost-effectiveness analysis1997Gardiner, JosephR01 HS09514EXT108
CAHPS II2002Garfinkel, StevenU18 HS13193EXT109
Prehospital pediatric intubation and patient outcome1995Gausche, MarianneR01 HS09065EXT110
Southern States Malpractice Reform Dissemination Conference1991Gehshan, MicheleR13 HS06776EXT111
Geographic accessibility of health care in rural areas1999Gesler, WilbertR01 HS09624EXT112
Hospital profiling of maternity length of stay1999Giles, Denise F.R03 HS10569EXT113
Bay Area Community Informatics Project2004Givens, JefferyP20 HS14893EXT114
Web-enabled asthma application for personalized medical communication2001Goldberg Arnold, Renee J.Small business innovation researchEXT115
Risk and recovery in complex environments: L& D as a model2003Goldman, MarleneUC1 HS14376EXT116
Child Health Services Research Training Program1998Goldmann, DonaldT32 HS00063EXT405
Minimizing Antibiotic Resistance in Colorado (MARC)2001Gonzales, RalphR01 HS13001EXT117
PEAT: Pediatric Emergency Assessment Tool2000Gorelick, MarcR03 HS11395EXT118
Building Bridges for Child Health Research, Policy, and Practice2000Grason, HollyR13 HS10100EXT406
Automated lab test follow-up to reduce medical errors2002Greenes, DavidR03 HS11711EXT119
Physician networks and children with chronic conditions2002Grembowski, DavidR01 HS13147EXT120
Treatment outcomes for abused women in public clinics2000Groff, JanetR01 HS11079EXT121
High risk periods for child injury among siblings2000Grossman, David C.R03 HS10724EXT122
Hospital service areas for pediatrics2000Guagliardo, Mark F.R03 HS11021EXT123
Health care access for children of the working poor2002Guendelman, SylviaR03 HS13411EXT124
Rational therapeutics for the pediatric population1999Guess, HarryU18 HS10397EXT125
Evidence based decision aids to improve women's health2000Guise, jeanne-marieK08 HS11338EXT126A
Improving safety and quality with integrated technology2004Guise, Jeanne-MarieR01 HS15321EXT126B
Using military & Aviation simulation experience to improve outcomes2005Guise, Jeanne-MarieU18 HS15800EXT126C
Does health coverage improve maternal health outcome?1991Haas, JenniferF32 HS00046EXT127
Transfer of a novel pediatric simulation program2001Halamek, Louis P.U18 HS12022EXT128
Epidemiology and external causes of pediatric injury-related visits to emergency departments and hospital outpatient departments in the United States2001Hambidge, Simon J.APA SupportEXT129
Low-income women's satisfaction with prenatal care1994Handler, ArdenR03 HS08115EXT130
Maternity care: science, guidelines, medical practice1991Hanft, RuthR13 HS06877EXT131
HIV home healthcare services: survey & policy analysis1990Hanley, BarbaraR01 HS06404EXT132
Influences on OB care for minority, poor & rural women1992Hart, LawrenceR03 HS07412EXT133
Impact of managed care on African-Americans1997Hassan, MahmudR03 HS09569EXT134
Factors associated with child immunization status1993Hatcher, PennyR03 HS08047EXT135
CAHPS II2002Hays, RonaldU18 HS09204EXT136
Improving clinician-initiated research and technical1999Heneghan, AmyR21 HS13515EXT137
Self-selection into Medicaid managed care1994Herbert, TeresaF32 HS00089EXT138
Quality measures for severe/persistent mental illness1999Hermann, Richard C.R01 HS10303EXT139
Research agenda conference on pediatric quality of care1996Hersh, AliceR13 HS09323EXT407
Blood product transfusions and safe practices implementation2003Herwaldt, LoreenUC1 HS14312EXT140
Oregon Patient Safety Evaluation Center2001Hickam, David H.P20 HS11550EXT141
New Mexico Health Information Collaborative2004Hickey, MartinUC1 HS15447EXT142
The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) DCERPS2001Hickner, John M.P20 HS11584EXT143
Improving the quality and safety of regional surgical patient care through the creation of a multi-institutional partnership for the implementation and support of perioperative informatics tools2004Higgins, MichaelP20 HS15401EXT144
Pediatric preventive care incentives in a Medicaid HMO1993Hillman, AlanR01 HS07634EXT145
Impact of three tier prescription drug copay on use and spending2002Hodgkin, DominicR01 HS13092EXT146
Intermountain Child Health Services Research Consortium2001Hoff, Charles J. and Young, PaulR24 HS11826EXT147
Study of functional outcome after trauma in adolescents1998Holbrook, TroyR01 HS09707EXT148
Pediatric 100,000 Lives Campaign2005Homer, CharlesContractEXT149D
Gaps in the quality of children's health care2000Homer, Charles EXT408A
Improving care for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, North Carolina, 20022002Homer, CharlesR13 HS12063EXT408B
5th Annual Forum for Improving Children's Health Care, March 16-18, 20052005Homer, CharlesR13 HS14202EXT440
First Annual Forum for Improving Children's Health Care, Tempe, AZ, March 12-13, 20022002Homer, CharlesR13 HS12070EXT408C
Third Annual Forum for Improving Children's Health Care—March 2-4, 2004 (San Diego, CA)2004Homer, CharlesR13 HS14202EXT408D
Family linkages supporting hyperbilirubin (neonatal jaundice) guidelines1996Homer, Charles J.R01 HS09390EXT149C
Community-based Health Services Research Curriculum1998Homer, Charles J.R25 HS09792EXT149A
Evaluating quality improvement strategies1999Homer, Charles J.R01 HS10411EXT149B
Evidence-based surfactant therapy for preterm infants1999Horbar, Jeffrey D.R01 HS10528EXT150
Center for Patient Safety in Neonatal Intensive Care2001Horbar, Jeffrey D.P20 HS11583EXT445
Rural emergency departments as access points for teen smoking intervention2000Horn, KimberlyR18 HS10736EXT151
The relationship of health system structure to outcomes in low birth weight infants1999Hoube, JillAPA SupportEXT152
Socioeconomic factors in birth outcomes: the U.S. and France1990Howell, EmbryR03 HS06621EXT153
Safety and financial ramifications of ED copayments2001Hsu, JohnR01 HS11434EXT154B
Impact of Health Information Technology (HIT) on clinical care2004Hsu, JohnR01 HS15280EXT154A
The effect of public insurance on dental health outcomes2001Hughes, Tegwyn L.R03 HS11514EXT155
Antidepressant medications and suicidal behavior in children and adolescents2005Hunkeler, EnidContractEXT386
Primary care performance for low-income children in HMOs1996Hurtado, Margarita PatriciaR03 HS09339EXT156
Risk factors for prenatal drug use and treatment success1993Hutchins, EllenR03 HS08040EXT157
Incentives in a specialty care carve-out1998Inkelas, MoiraR03 HS10008EXT158
Preventive asthma care utilization among black children2002Ireland, AndreaF31 HS11929EXT159
Implementing adolescent preventive guidelines2000Irwin, Charles E., Jr.R18 HS11095EXT160
Low birth weight in New York City: the role of context and segregation.1998Jaffee, KimR03 HS10061EXT161
Caregiver continuity and impact on health care utilization for children in foster care2003Jee, Sandra03R000173EXT162
Improving outcomes in hypoplastic left heart syndrome2000Jenkins, pamelaK08 HS00010EXT163
Evaluation of postnatal and postpartum care programs2000Joesch, JudithR01 HS10138EXT164
Computer based documentation and provider interactions1999Johnson, Kevin B.R03 HS10363EXT165A
Impact of electronic prescribing on medication errors in ambulatory pediatrics2001Johnson, Kevin B.R18 HS11868EXT165B
Enhancing patient safety through a universal EMR system2004Johnson, ThomasUC1 HS15083EXT166
Hospital disaster plans: structure, training and function2003Kaji, AmyF32 HS13985EXT167
Assessing match in child/clinical communication1997Kalish, Charles W.R03 HS09556EXT168
CCHS-East Huron Hospital CPOE Project2004Kall, GregUC1 HS15076EXT169
Improving children's health outcomes: negotiated care1991Kaplan, SherrieR01 HS06897EXT170
Bar coding technology and patient and employee safety2003Karsh, Ben-TzionR01 HS13610EXT171
The relationship between poverty, dietary intake, and poor growth among children in the United States using the Third National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES III)2000Kasper, JenniferAPA SupportEXT172
Discharge criteria for creation of hospital surge capacity2003Kelen, GaborU01 HS14353EXT173
Reporting system to improve patient safety in surgery2001Khuri, ShukriU18 HS11913EXT174
Childhood chronic illness: enhancing family capabilities2003Kieckhefer, GailR01 HS13384EXT175
Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group Enhancement Project2000Kiely, MicheleU01 HS11206EXT176
The relationship between education and health: is it causal?2005Kirk, AdeleR36 HS15988EXT387
Methodological issues in child-relevant evidence syntheses2002Klassen, Terry02R000233EXT177
Effective health services for adolescents at risk1990Klein, JonathanF32 HS00035EXT178A
Smoking cessation in pediatric practice; Phase I2003Klein, JonathanR03 HS14418EXT178B
Effective organization of adolescent health services1996Klein, Jonathan B.HS-08192EXT179
Barriers to mental health services for adolescents2002Kodjo, CherylAPA SupportEXT180
Diffusion and adoption of children's vaccine guidelines1992Konrad, thomasR01 HS07286EXT181A
Evaluation of a model of managed care for sickle cell disease (SCD) patients1997Konrad, Thomas R.R03 HS09553EXT181B
Managing the Risks of Therapeutic Products, January 12-14, 20032003Kramer, JudithR13 HS13929EXT409
Violence and spinal cord injury: understanding the rehabilitation context2002Kroll, ThiloR03 HS13039EXT182
Specialized therapies by children, correlates of use2003Kuhlthau, KarenR03 HS13757EXT183
Assessment of school readiness in pediatric office visits2001Kuo, AliceAPA SupportEXT184
Evaluating a decision tool for prenatal testing1999Kupperman, MiriamR18 HS10214EXT185
Improving health care outcomes among the homeless2002Kushel, MargotK08 HS11415EXT186
Incentive formularies and the costs and quality of care2005Landon, BruceR01 HS14774EXT388
Prenatal care source in Medicaid low birthweight births1994Lange, LindaR03 HS08423EXT187
Partnership to Improve Children's Health Care Quality2002Lannon, CaroleU18 HS13721EXT188
Ethnicity in childhood asthma:what accounts for the variation among Hispanic children1999Lara, MarielenaAPA SupportEXT189A
Improving outcomes in U.S. Latino children2000Lara, MarielenaK08 HS00008EXT189B
Conference on Translational Research for Quality Health, April 7-9, 20052005Larson, ElaineR13 HS15760EXT443
Fetal and infant mortality review: health policy tool1997Layton, christineR03 HS09671EXT190
Improving Quality in Medication Management in School—March 23-24, 20042003Lear, JuliaR13 HS14208EXT410
Strategies for group a streptococcal prevention2004Lee, GraceK08 HS13908.EXT191
Effects of WIC on child Medicaid dental use and costs2001Lee, Jessica Y.R03 HS11607EXT192
Ethnography of the social ethics of Catholic health care2002Lee, SimonR03 HS13111EXT193
Management of maternal depression in primary care2005Leiferman, JennR03 HS15764EXT194
Service integration2004Lemming, MichelleP20 HS15195EXT195
Medicaid changes: impact on at-risk children1997Leslie, Laurel K.R03 HS09563EXT196
In whose care & custody? orphans of the HIV epidemic1993Levine, CarolR13 HS07872EXT197
Translating prevention research into practice2000Levine, robertU18 HS11131EXT198
Community HealthLink Care: Regional Electronic Medical Record2004Lewis, ThomasP20 HS14962EXT199
Physician cesarean rates and risk-adjusted birth outcomes2000Li, TongR03 HS10795EXT200
Time to neonatal and postneonatal death, U.S. 1985-952000Liddle, Amanda J.R03 HS11259EXT201
Asthma care quality in varying managed Medicaid plans1998Lieu, TracyU01 HS09935EXT202
Improving safety of pediatric sedation2003Lightdale, JeniferK08 HS13675EXT203
Communication errors during antibiotic management calls2003Linkin, DarrenF32 HS13982EXT204
Showing health information value in a community network2004Lobach, DavidR01 HS15057EXT205
Does primary care access decrease respiratory emergency department visits?1998Lowe, Robert A.R01 HS09261EXT206
Using hand-held technology to reduce errors in ADHD care2001Lozano, PaulaR18 HS11859EXT207
Improving quality of care for children with special needs2004Lozzio, CarmenP20 HS15426EXT208A
Improving quality of care for children with special needs2005Lozzio, CarmenUC1 HS16133EXT208B
Outcomes in spontaneous and latrogenic multiple pregnancy2000Lynch, Anne M.R03 HS10700EXT209
Consortium for Communications-based Outcomes Management2002Lyons, JohnU18 HS13725EXT210
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