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Appendix A. Comprehensive Activity List 10-5-06 (continued)

Evaluation of AHRQ's Children's Health Activities

Project TitleInitial Funding YearPIGrant NoStudy ID
Clinical decision rules in pediatric pneumonia2000Mahabee-Gittens, E. MelindaR03 HS11038EXT211
The postpartum mandate: estimated costs and benefits1996Malkin, JesseHS09342EXT212
Acupuncture treatment of depression during pregnancy1998Manber, RachelR01 HS09988EXT213
Factors mediating the transmission and development of active tuberculosis in children2000Mandalakas, Anna M.APA SupportEXT214
Online commentary use and antimicrobial prescribing1999Mangione-Smith, Rita M.R01 HS10187EXT215B
Doctor-Parent communication and antibiotic over-prescribing2002Mangione-Smith, Rita M.K02 HS13299EXT215A
Hospital industry restructuring: impact on safety net1999Manheim, LarryR01 HS10040EXT216
Telemedicine for children in rural emergency departments2002Marcin, JamesK08 HS13179EXT217
Improving the health of Medicaid-eligible infants1992Margolis, peterR01 HS07106EXT218A
Office systems to improve preventive care for children1996Margolis, PeterR01 HS08509EXT218B
Nurse staffing, financial performance, quality of care1999Mark, BarbaraR01 HS10153EXT219
Emergency preparedness for special populations2004Markenson, DavidR13 HS14556EXT411A
Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and Response Conference, Washington, DC—January/February 20032002Markenson, DavidR13 HS13855EXT411B
Development of an instrument to measure help-seeking1991May, KathleenF32 HS00045EXT220
Access and quality of care for vulnerable black populations2000Mayberry, RobertP01 HS10875EXT221A
Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Clinical Faculty Research Training Program2002Mayberry, RobertR24 HS11617EXT221B
Access to pediatric subspecialty care in the USA2003Mayer, MichelleK02 HS13309EXT222
Racial disparities: is it the content of care?2003McBurney, Patricia03R000173EXT224
Valuation of primary care-integrated telehealth2004McConnochie, KennethR01 HS15165EXT225A
Severity of lower respiratory tract illness in infants1997McConnochie, Kenneth M.R01 HS09062EXT225C
Efficacy and reliability of telemedicine in routine pediatric practice2000McConnochie, Kenneth M.R01 HS10753EXT225B
Otitis media: parent education to avoid antibiotic use2000McCormick, David P.R01 HS10613EXT226
Full term intensive care survivors: outcome assessment1990McCormick, MarieR03 HS06523EXT223
The efficacy of prenatal care for women and children's health1996McCormick, MarieR13 HS09528EXT412B
Recent evidence on the effectiveness of prenatal care1999McCormick, Marie EXT412A
Parental leave policies and maternal and infant health1991Mcgovern, PatriciaR03 HS06950EXT227
Quality and cost of care for HIV+ Medicaid patients1992McLaughlin, ThomasR01 HS06893EXT228
Fertility effects of Medicaid family planning services1995Mellor, JenniferR03 HS08889EXT229
Third Annual Evidence-based Practice Conference2001Melnyk, BernadetteR13 HS10968EXT413B
Fourth Annual Evidence-based Practice Conference2002Melnyk, BernadetteR13 HS13817EXT413A
Criteria for referral of patients with epilepsy1999MetaWorks, Inc., Boston, MAEvidence-based practice centerEXT230
Hospital use and costs by children with asthma, 1988-19941997Meurer, John R.R03 HS09564EXT231
Homemade cereal based oral rehydration therapy1994Meyers, AlanR01 HS08335EXT232
Reducing errors in pediatric medicine: implications for research and practice2002Miller, Marlene EXT414
SCHIP, Medicaid and special needs children's experience2003Milner, SusanR03 HS13998EXT233
Improving HIT implementation in a rural health system2004Mingle, DanielUC1 HS15337EXT234
Maternal depressive symptoms and children's health care2002Minkovitz, CynthiaR03 HS13053EXT235A
Parenting effects of healthy steps: health care utilization and expectations for pediatric care2002Minkovitz, CynthiaR01 HS13086EXT235B
Medicaid vs. premium subsidy: Oregon's SCHIP alternatives1999Mitchell, Janet B.U01 HS10463EXT236
Medicaid managed care for children with special health care needs (CSHCN)2001Mitchell, JeanR01 HS10912EXT237
Adherence in children with cystic fibrosis and asthma2002Modi, AvaniF31 HS11768EXT238
Implementing a program of patient safety in small rural hospitals2005Mueller, KeithU18 HS15822EXT389
Medication reconciliation: bridging communications across the continuum of care2005Muller, MelindaU18 HS15904EXT390
School mental health: quality care and positive outcome1999Nabors, Laura A.R03 HS09847EXT239
Measuring the quality of care for diabetes1999Needleman, JackR01 HS10332EXT240
Home screening for chlamydia surveillance2000Ness, Roberta B.R01 HS10592EXT241
Is quality care cost-effective? HEDIS 2000 evidence2000Neumann, Peter J.R03 HS10709EXT242
Criteria to determine disability of infant/childhood impairments2000New England Medical CenterEvidence-based practice centerEXT243A
Management of allergic rhinitis2000New England Medical CenterEvidence-based practice centerEXT243B
Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia2001New England Medical CenterEvidence-based practice centerEXT243C
Disparities in child & family health care expenditures2002Newacheck, PaulR01 HS11662EXT244
Validation of an emergency medical service triage rule for children in MVAS2000Newgard, CraigF32 HS00148EXT245
American Indian family caregiving strengths1994Nichols, LeeF32 HS00097EXT246
State and regional demonstrations in health information technology2004Nolan, Patricia290-04-0006EXT247
Health & cost impact of maternal child advocate services1993Norr, kathleenR01 HS07624EXT248
Nationally representative quality-of-life weights2005Nyman, JohnR01 HS14907EXT391
Facilitating home care of neonatal chronic lung disease1999O'Shea, ThomasR01 HS07928EXT249
Nursing effectiveness in preventive child health program1991Oda, DorothyR01 HS06510EXT250
Determinants of outcomes of pregnancy1991Ohsfeldt, RobertR01 HS06685EXT251
Assessing neurologic outcome in acutely injured children1994Okada, PamelaF32 HS00091EXT252
Critical Challenges in Developing and Applying Pediatric Health Status and Outcome Measures, Chicago, IL, March 24-25, 2003.2002Olson, LynnR13 HS12078EXT415
Pharmaceutical regulation and new drug safety2004Olson, MaryR03 HS13932EXT253
Preventing adolescent criminal and other health-risking social behavior2001Oregon Health and Science UniversityEvidence-based practice centerEXT254A
Pediatric, obstetric, and computer based interventions in telemedicine2000Oregon Health Services UniversityEvidence-based practice centerEXT254B
Home care of very low birth weight infants with chronic lung disease1996O'Shea, ThomasR01 HS08192EXT255
An evolving statewide Indiana information infrastructure2004Overhage, Marc290-04-0015EXT256
CUBS: preventive services for at risk infants2002Pace, RobertR21 HS13562EXT257
Applied strategies for interventions of patient safety2001Pace, Wilson D.U18 HS11878EXT258
2001 Rural Mental Health Research Conference2001Pachelli,SherylR13 HS10960EXT416
Bayesian Pattern-Mixture Models (PMM) for quality of care data2005Paddock, SusanR03 HS14805EXT392
Symptom Management: What Works, for Whom and at What Cost? March 19, 20052005Page, GayleR13 HS15769EXT441
Improving quality of care for newborns with jaundice1998Palmer, R. HeatherR01 HS09782EXT259
Strategies for care of very low birth weight infants1996Paneth, Nigel S.R01 HS08385EXT260
Assessment of febrile infants less than 2 months of age1993Pantell, RobertR01 HS06485EXT261
Predictors of urinary tract infection during pregnancy1995Pastore, LisaR03 HS08901EXT262
Implementing a simulation based safety cirriculum in a pediatric emergency department2005Patterson, MaryU18 HS15841EXT263
ED information systems—Kentucky and Indiana hospitals2004Pecoraro, DavidUC1 HS14897EXT264
Health, health insurance and Welfare dynamics1998Perreira, Krista M.R03 HS09884EXT265
Regional variation in pediatric hospitalization1990Perrin, JamesR01 HS06060EXT266B
Patterns of referral and care for children on Medicaid1996Perrin, JamesR01 HS09416EXT266A
Ambulatory Pediatric Association Child Health Services Research Conference1998Perrin, JamesR13 HS09815EXT417A
Children with chronic ilnessess and disabilities2000Perrin, James EXT417B
Promoting Safety in Child and Adolescent Health Care, April/May 20032002Perrin, JamesR13 HS92544EXT417C
Regionalization, market forces, and neonatal mortality2000Phibbs, Ciaran S.R01 HD36914EXT267
Meeting the Challenge of Medicaid Managed Care: Best Practices for Clinical Care and Teaching—November 1-3, 20012001Phillips, RosalieR13 HS10969EXT418
The CERTS prescribing safety program2001Platt, RichardU18 HS11843EXT446
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care CERT2000Platt, RichardR01 HS10247EXT447
Medicaid policy and infant survivability1990Poertner, GraceR03 HS06627EXT268
Pediatric emergency care: severity and quality1999Pollack, Murray M.R01 HS10238EXT269
Informative technology: linking parents and providers2002Porter, StephenK08 HS11660EXT270A
ParentLink: better and safer emergency care for children2004Porter, StephenR01 HS14947EXT270B
The effect of medication errors in the pediatric ICU2001Portnoy, Joel D.K08 HS11636EXT271
Statewide efforts to improve care in intensive care unit2003Pronovost, PeterUC1 HS14246EXT272
Creating online NICU networks to educate, consult and team2005Rachal, ValerieUC1 HS16147EXT273
Health policies and pathways to mental health services for children2003Raghavan, RameshR03 HS13611EXT274
Obesity, pharmacological and surgical management2002RANDEvidence-based practice centerEXT275
The effects of rural obstetric care provider shortages1992Ray, WayneR01 HS07321EXT276A
Vanderbuilt Center for Education/Research of Therapeutics1999Ray, WayneU18 HS10384EXT276B
Modeling health utilization of Medicaid children2002Rein, DavidR03 HS13286EXT277
Management of bronchiolitis2001Research Triangle Institute and University of North Carolina at Chapel HillEvidence-based practice centerEXT278A
EPC technical support for National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research1999Research Triangle Institute and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NCEvidence-based practice centerEXT278B
Cost of neonatal intensive care1991Richards, ToniR01 HS06567EXT279
A perinatal health services research in laboratory pilot2000Richardson, Douglas K.R03 HS10824EXT280A
Unstudied infants: low risk babies in a high risk place2000Richardson, Douglas K.R01 HS10131EXT280B
Infant feeding method and medicaid service utilization1999Riedel, Aylin A.R03 HS10163EXT281
Development of an adolescent health status measure1992Riley, AnneR01 HS07045EXT282B
The referral process in primary care settings1994Riley, AnneR03 HS08430EXT282C
Development of a child health status measure1999Riley, AnneR01 HS08829EXT282A
Health Disparities and Hispanic Research, March 31-April 3, 20052005Rios, ElenaR13 HS16074EXT442
Otitis media and language learning sequelae2002Roberts, JoanneR13 HS12072EXT419A
Otitis Media and Language Learning Sequelae, Arlington, VA, May 1-2, 20022002Roberts, JoanneR13 HS12072EXT419B
Measuring the quality of care for high risk infants1999Rogowski, Jeannette A.R01 HS10328EXT283C
Costs of care for VLBW infants2002Rogowski, Jeannette A.R03 HS13429EXT283A
Evidence-based selective referral in VLBW infants2002Rogowski, Jeannette A.R01 HS13371EXT283B
Improving communication between health care providers via a statewide infrastructure: UHINClinical2004Root, Jan290-04-0002EXT284
Implementing family programs in psychiatric settings1999Rose, Linda E.R03 HS10378EXT285
Improving public health policy for adolescents2005Rosenquest, JamesR36 HS15561EXT287
Strategies for management of dental caries in children1992Rozier, RichardR01 HS06993EXT288
A regional, community-health center PBRN2000Rust, George S.P20 HS11217EXT289
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