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Appendix A. Comprehensive Activity List 10-5-06 (continued)

Evaluation of AHRQ's Children's Health Activities

Project TitleInitial Funding YearPIGrant NoStudy ID
Provider implicit racial bias & medical decision-making2005Sabin, JaniceR36 HS15676EXT290
Rural LBW children and families: visions for the future1994Sachs, BarbaraR13 HS07950EXT291
Partners in Transition: Adolescents and Managed Care Conference2000Salisbury, LoisR13 HS10109EXT420
Rural trial of clinic order entry with decision support2004Samore, MatthewR01 HS15413EXT292
Access to ambulatory care by the indigent1993Saver, BarryR03 HS07253EXT293
Study of high school HIV/STD risk reduction program1993Schuster, markR03 HS08055EXT294
Effectiveness of NHLBI Guide on childhood asthma outcome1999Scribano, PhilipHS09825EXT295
The impact of the Oregon Health Plan on TANF leavers' ability to care for their families' health2001Seccombe, Karen M.R01 HS11322EXT296
Measuring quality of care for vulnerable children1999Seid, MichaelR01 HS10317EXT297C
Managing the health needs of vulnerable children: families' experience2001Seid, MichaelR03 HS11751EXT297B
Barriers to care for chronically ill vulnerable children2002Seid, MichaelR03 HS13058EXT297A
Implementation of otitis media practice guidelines with priority populations2000Selby, Joe V.ContractEXT298
Nursing interventions to improve EPSDT utilization1990Selby-Harrington, MaijaR01 HS06507EXT299
Characterizing families in a pediatric research network1992Senturia, YvonneR03 HS07271EXT300A
Testing a new measure of quality of asthma care2002Senturia, YvonneR03 HS13081EXT300B
Continuity Research Network (CORNET)2002Serwint, JanetR21 HS13582EXT301
Do urine tests increase chlamydia screening in teens?1999Shafer, Mary-AnnR01 HS10537EXT302
Competition and access to NICCUS in California1998Shaffer, EllenR03 HS10014EXT303
HIV cost and services utilization study1999Shapiro, MartinU01 HS08578EXT304A
UCLA/DREW/RAND program to address disparities in health2000Shapiro, MartinP01 HS10858EXT304B
Implementing pediatric patient safety practices2002Sharek, PaulU18 HS13698EXT305
Risk analysis of pediatric chemotherapy processes2003Shenep, JerryUCl HS14295EXT306
Quality of care for children with special needs in managed care1998Shenkman, ElizabethU01 HS09949EXT307A
Access and quality of care for low income adolescents1999Shenkman, Elizabeth A.U01 HS10465EXT307B
Health utilities in hepatitis C infected patients1999Sherman, KennethR03 HS10366EXT308
Medicaid managed care for asthma: Does plan type matter?1996Shields, AlexandraR03 HS09327EXT309
Electronic records to improve care for children2004Shiffman, RichardUC1 HS15420EXT310
Domestic abuse, health status, and HMO health care use1997Shye, DianaR03 HS09525EXT311
Creating online NICU networks to educate, consult and team2004Siders, JaneP20 HS14996EXT312
Dietary factors related to adverse birth outcomes1994Siega-Riz, AnnaF32 HS00095EXT313
Conditional Length of Stay (CLOS): a pediatrics outcome measure1999Silber, Jeffrey H.R01 HS09983EXT314
Ambulatory injury: the role of race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status2005Simon, TamaraAPA SupportEXT393
Enhanced Patient Safety Intervention to Optimize Medication Education (EPITOME)2005Sirio, CarlU18 HS15851EXT394
Adolescent access to health care—the teens' perspective1993Slap, GailR03 HS07876EXT315
Migrant farm workers' health needs and access to service1992Slesinger, DorisR03 HS06524EXT316
Birth outcomes satisfaction with care and malpractice1990Sloan, FrankR01 HS06499EXT317
Hospital reported medical injury in children2000Slonim, Anthony D.R03 HS11022EXT318A
Improve safety of blood product transfusions in children2003Slonim, Anthony D.K08 HS14009EXT318B
Translating national pediatric PBRN research into practice2002Slora, EricR21 HS13512EXT319
Prenatal diabetes education in Pima Indians2000Smith, CarolynR03 HS10802EXT320
Role of health services in the excess mortality of IDDM1990Songer, ThomasF32 HS00038EXT321
Outcomes of legislated increases in maternity stays1999Soumerai, Stephen B.R01 HS10060EXT322
Otitis media with effusion1999Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center-RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CAEvidence-based practice centerEXT323
Mississippi Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity Project2001Southward, Linda H.P20/R24 HS11849EXT324
Infant deaths to teen mothers: San Antonio 1935 to 19851992SOWARDS, KATHRYNR03 HS07542EXT325
Safe critical care: testing improvement strategies2005Speroff, TheodoreU18 HS15934EXT395
Evaluation of Kansas HealthWave1999St. Peter, Robert F.U01 HS10536EXT326
Time series modeling of trends in medication prescribing2002Stafford, RandallR01 HS13405EXT327
PBRN characterization & automated NAMCS patient report2000Stange, KurtU01 HS11176EXT328
Design and produce sensitive instruments for valid assessment of child health status1996Starfield, BarbaraHS08829EXT329
Are there social class gradients in adolescent health?2000Starfield, Barbara EXT421
Pharmaceutical care and pediatric asthma outcomes1993Stergachis, AndreasR01 HS07834EXT330
Validation of a disease specific health status instrument1999Stewart, MichaelR03 HS09829EXT331
Seeking and denying antibiotic treatment in pediatrics1999Stivers, Tanya J.R03 HS10577EXT332
The PeaceHealth community-wide electronic shared medication list2003Stock, RonaldUC1 HS14315EXT333
Impact of managed care organization (MCO) policy on quality of pediatric asthma care1998Stuart, BruceU01 HS09950EXT334
Evaluating the impact of an ACPOE/CDS system on outcomes2004Sullivan, SeanUC1 HS15319EXT335
Emergency medical services for children1995Suruda, AnthonyR01 HS09057EXT336
A prospective study of an out-of-hospital birth center1993swartz, williamR01 HS07161EXT337
Health care access, quality and insurance for children with special health care needs1999Swigonski, Nancy L.U01 HS10453EXT338
New York's SCHIP: what works for vulnerable children1999Szilagyi, Peter G.U01 HS10450EXT339
Characteristics of smoking parents: insights to engage pediatricians and improve tobacco interventions to parents2003Tanski, Susanne03R000173EXT340A
Pediatricians' tobacco cessation attitudes2003Tanski, SusanneR03 HS13789EXT340B
Center for Evaluation and Research in Pediatric Safety2001Taylor, James A.P20 HS11590EXT448
Teamwork and error in neonatal intensive care2000Thomas, Eric J.U18 HS11164EXT341
Long-term health care effects of domestic violence2002Thompson, RobertR01 HS10909EXT342
Access to medical care and the demand for medical care1992Tilford, JohnR03 HS07554EXT343A
Quality & cost containment in pediatric intensive care1995Tilford, JohnR01 HS09055EXT343B
Center for Medical Treatment Effectiveness programs1993Tilley, BarbaraU01 HS07386EXT344
Research Agenda for Pediatric Burns Outcomes Measurement—April 9-11, 20012001Tompkins, RonaldR13 HS10950EXT422
Puerto Rico Health Services Research Institute2003Torres-Zeno, RobertoR24 HS14060EXT345
Impact of prenatal Medicaid program on newborns' health1996Trenhom, ChristopherHS09332EXT346
Primary care for high risk indigent infants1992Tyson, JonR01 HS06837EXT347
Refinement of HCUP Quality Indicators1999University of California, San Francisco, CA, and Stanford University, Stanford, CAEvidence-based practice centerEXT348
Economic incentives: impact on use/outcomes of preventive health services2002University of MinnesotaEvidence-based practice centerEXT349A
Efficacy of behavioral interventions to modify physical activity2002University of MinnesotaEvidence-based practice centerEXT349B
Cross-cutting quality measures for cancer control2002University of OttawaEvidence-based practice centerEXT350A
Sexuality and reproductive health following spinal cord injury—Phase I Feasibility Study2002University of OttawaEvidence-based practice centerEXT350B
New Mexico MEDTEP Research Center in Minority Population1992Urbina, ChristopherU01 HS07389EXT351
Annual Child Health Services Research Meeting2005Valentine, WendyR13 HS14742EXT423A
The Fourth Annual Child Health Services Research (CHSR) Meeting: At the Cutting Edge of Research and Policy, Washington, DC , June 22, 20022002Valentine, WendyR01 HS08201EXT423D
First International Child Health Services Research Meeting—September 20, 20032003Valentine, Wendy290-98-0003EXT423B
The Fifth Annual Child Health Services Research Meeting—What Works in Child Health Services Research—June 26, 20032003Valentine, WendyR01 HS08201EXT423C
The Sixth Annual Child Health Services Research Meeting—Child Health Services Research Across Systems—June 5, 2004 (San Diego, CA)2004Valentine, WendyR13 HS14654.EXT423E
Developing an asthma management model for Head Start children2000Vargas, Perla A.U18 HS11062EXT352
A pediatric PBRN (Pediatric PitNet) and a pilot project2002Wald, EllenR21 HS13523EXT353A
Improving chronic disease health status and utilization2000Wallander, JanR03 HS10812EXT354
Effect of out-of-hospital endotracheal intubation errors2004Wang, HenryK08 HS13628EXT355
Promoting effective communication and decision-making in diverse populations2000Washington, EugeneP01 HS10856EXT356
Latina immigrants, bridge persons, and preventive health2003Wasserman, MelanieR03 HS13864EXT357
Enhancing the capacities of a national pediatric PBRN2000Wasserman, Richard C.P20 HS11192EXT358A
Defining patient visits in a national pediatric PBRN2001Wasserman, Richard C.U01 HS11192EXT358B
Asthma school initiative: evaluating three models of care1999Webber, Mayris P.R18 HS10136EXT359
Teen suicide: attributes and opportunities for prevention2004Webster, Romi04R000101EXT360
Racial/ethnic differences in CAHPS® ratings and reports2001Weech-Maldonado, Robert J.R03 HS11386EXT361
Assessing cost-effectiveness of practice guidelines to reduce asthma morbidity among children1996Weiss, KevinHS08368EXT362A
Outcomes assessment in pediatric asthma1999Weiss, KevinR01 HS08368EXT362B
National Asthma Disparities Conference, February 21-23, 20052005Weiss, KevinR13 HS15762EXT439
El Dorado County Safety Network Technology Project2004West, NedaP20 HS14908EXT363
Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey for children with special health care needs dissemination2000Weststat, IncContractEXT364
Applying biomechanical epidemiology to injury prediction1995Winston, FlauraR01 HS09058EXT365
Pediatric brain tumor survival: race & insurance status1993WITMAN, PHILIPR03 HS07488EXT366
Family influences on children's health and healthcare2000Witt, Whitney P.R03 HS11254EXT367A
Treatment of maternal depression and the impact on children's use of and expenditures for health care2002Witt, Whitney P.APA SupportEXT367B
Factors that influence children's health care utilization1998Wong, Sabrina T.R03 HS10004EXT368
Prescribing patterns and factors influencing choice of antibiotic of otitis media1998Wong, ShaleAPA SupportEXT369
Impact of Gait Analysis on surgical outcomes2004Wren, TishyaR01 HS14169EXT370
TRIP (Translating Research Into Practice) for postpartum depression2005Yawn, BarbaraR01 HS14744EXT396
Barriers to anti-inflammatory use in childhood asthma2000Yoos, HanneloreR03 HS10689EXT371
Evaluation of the Rewarding Results Program2002Young, GaryU01 HS13591EXT372
Predictors and costs of adolescent risky behavior2002Youngblade, LiseR03 HS13261EXT373
Ethnic differences in complementary and alternative medicine use among older U.S. adolescents2004Yussman, Susan04R000101EXT374
Analysis of fee-for-service vs. managed care for children with special health care needs1999Zimmerman, JanetU01 HS10441EXT375
Immunization barriers: a study of generalist physicians1994Zimmerman, RichardR01 HS08068EXT376A
Immunization barriers1997Zimmerman, Richard K.R03 HS09527EXT376B
Development of a child mental health and substance abuse agenda1996 EXT377
Learning from SCHIP I and learning from SCHIP II1998 EXT432
SCHIP: implementing effective programs and understanding their impacts1998 EXT434
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Evaluation Strategy Workshop1998 EXT437
Coordinating Publicly Funded Healthcare Coverage for Children1999 EXT425
Improving Children's Health Through Health Services Reasearch—Children's Health Services Research Meeting1999 EXT427
SCHIP: What's Happening? What's Next?1999 EXT435
Children with Special Health Care Needs: Developing Integrated Systems of Care2000 EXT424
Improving the Care Delivered to Children Served by State Agencies2000 EXT430
Second Annual Meeting of Child Health Services Researchers: The Role of Partnerships2000 EXT436
Improving the Quality of Care Delivered to Children Served by State Agencies2001 EXT431
Third Annual Child Health Services Research Meeting: Bridging Research, Practice and Policy2001 EXT438
Designing Systems of Care that Work for Children with Special Health Care Needs2002 EXT426
Improving Early Childhood Development: Promising Strategies for States and the Health Care System2002 EXT429
Quality Measures for Children's Health Care: State of the Science and Practice—A Strategy Development Meeting, February 5-6, 2002.2002 EXT433
Evidence-based Practice Centers1996 EXT444
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