Table 1. Vocabulary and metrics for defining level of collaborative care implementation

A National Agenda for Research in Collaborative Care

Defining clauses for collaborative careElements to be measured (from parameters of collaborative care)Metric—relative presence or absence of these elements in a practiceData source for that metric
1. A teamClinical functions available through different team membersTreatment provided by a physician and behavioral health clinicianClinical record
Level of sharing physical or "virtual" spaceEvidence of behavioral health clinician on site or documentation of working relationships between collaborating clinicians in separate sitesEmployment record or formal document outlining relationship
Level of training for collaborative careEvidence of team member completion of collaborative care training in the last year CE documentation
Level of shared professional culturePercent of total set of markers for a fully shared professional cultureMarkers from Doherty, McDaniel, Baird9
2. With a shared population and missionOverall practice mission and patient panelPick one category from: a) primary medical care, b) specialty medical care, c) specialty mental health carePractice license or certification
Identified population seen for collaborative carePercent of total practice patients seen collaboratively with: a) mental health conditions, b)medical conditions/chronic illnesses with behavioral health factors, c) physical symptoms without medical basis, or d) any complex patientMedical chart audit or EHR report
Screening methods for that populationPercent of patients in target population screened.Quality improvement report
Percent of patients screened that were identified for collaborative careQuality improvement report
Assessment methods for that populationNumber of patients receiving assessment contrasted with number screened positiveChart audit or EHR
Treatment and follow up methods for that populationNumber of patients enrolled in care who complete care episodeChart audit or EHR
3. Using a clinical systemPopulation-level identification systemEvidence of an operating consistently used screening system for specified patientsSystem documentation and data reports
Bio-psycho-social care plans in recordPercent of patients with care plans with documented evidence of bio-, psycho-, or social aspects of health, care and functionChart audit or EHR
Shared medical recordDocumentation of single chart or transparent EHR accessChart audit or EHR
4. Supported by an office practice and financial systemClinical operational systems and processes that support collaborative careIntegrated referral, scheduling, data collection, communications, billing and office support systemsDocumentation of systems
Sustainable financial model(s) that supportcollaborative clinical workDocumentation of sustainable financingFinancial reports
5. With continuous QI and effectiveness measurementRoutine collection and use of practice data from QI and improving effectiveness of collaborative care.Plan for data collection and use of collaborative care dataQuality improvement plan and project reports

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