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Figure 1 (Text Description)

Figure (Text Description)

1. "Establishing the Research Agenda for Collaborative Care" (Miller, Kessler, and Peek)

  • Gaps in the literature.
  • Confusion about terminology while asking research questions; creation of a lexicon for use at the research conference.
  • The AHRQ-sponsored research conference itself.
  • Two generations of empirical research questions—descriptive and evaluative.

Two arrows are pointing up from papers two and three with the words "Creating a research agenda for collaborative care."

2. "A Framework for Collaborative Care Metrics" (Kessler and Miller)

  • Problems providing mental health care in medical settings; gaps in the literature; importance of common language for creating metrics.
  • The need for specific metrics, not only components and functionalities defined in the lexicon.
  • Specific metrics for functionalities defined in the lexicon.

A left-directional arrow is pointing from paper three to paper two.

3. "A Collaborative Care Lexicon for Asking Practice and Research Development Questions" (Peek)

  • Stumbling over terms—difficulty asking consistently understood practice or research questions while planning the research conference.
  • Lessons from the history of science—the need for conceptual development in emerging fields.
  • The use of published methods for creating a consensus lexicon for the research conference.
  • The lexicon itself.

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