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Table 8. Priorities for Future Research

Assessing the Evidence for Context-Sensitive Effectiveness and Safety

DomainIs a high priority for future researchNot a high priority at this timeSkipped questionh
Developing/validating measures of leadership10111
Developing/validating measures of patient safety culture1390
Developing/validating measures of teamwork10111
Developing criteria/recommendations for what constitutes "reporting the intervention in sufficient detail that it can be replicated"1480
Understanding the important items to measure and report in implementation1390
Developing detailed methods for assessing potential unintended consequences7141
Developing evaluation methods for interventions that have very rare events as patient outcomes6151
Identifying critical aspects of context that influence PSPs not already considered in this project5152
Developing a theory-based taxonomy with which to describe and evaluate key elements of interventions, contexts, and targeted behaviors1291
Refining a framework for assessing the body of evidence about a PSP1282
Identifying barriers to conducting high quality research in patient safety4171
Conducting empirical research to show that the named factors from this project do make a difference1471
Evaluating the usefulness of another forum for communicating organizational experiences, other than peer-reviewed journals9121

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