Health Care Systems for Tracking Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests

Final Report

This report summarizes the experience of the CNA Health ACTION (Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks) Partnership in implementing and assessing a health care intervention to increase colorectal cancer screening and followup. The System Approach to Tracking and Increasing Screening for Public Health Improvement of Colorectal Cancer (SATIS-PHI/CRC) was a demonstration project conducted in primary care practices in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. This report also contains a description of dissemination plans and efforts to date to spread the uptake of this intervention to other health care settings.

Prepared for:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Contract No. HHSA290200600014, Task Order No. 290-06-0014-1

Prepared by:

Daniel M. Harris, Ph.D., and Amanda E. Borsky, M.P.P., CNA

With contributions from members of the CNA Health ACTION Partnership for SATIS-PHI/CRC: Brian Stello, M.D., Melanie Johnson, M.P.A., and Nancy Gratz, M.P.A., Lehigh Valley Health Network. Mona Sarfaty, M.D., Ronald Myers, Ph.D., Randa Sifri, M.D., James Cocroft, M.A., and Martha Kasper-Keintz, Sc.M., Thomas Jefferson University.


Executive Summary
1. Introduction
   Project Overview
   Pilot and Intervention Protocol
   Overview of the Intervention
   Scope and Outline of the Report
2. Description of the Intervention
   Rationale and Supporting Evidence
   The Central Entity
   Step 1: Recruit Practices
   Step 2: Conduct Academic Detailing
   Step 3: Identify Eligible Patients
   Step 4: Mail Screening Information and Materials
   Step 5: Track Patient Screening and Results
   Step 6: Provide Feedback to Practices
3. Assessment Plan and Methodology
   PRISM Model
   Assessment Design
   Data Sources
   Outcome Measures
   Patient and Practice Attributes
4. Assessment of the Intervention
   PRISM Context Domain
   PRISM Outcome Domain
5. Dissemination
   End Users
   Dissemination Partners
   Dissemination Toolkit
   Current Dissemination Activities
6. Conclusions

This document contains preliminary analysis that is subject to further review and modification. This paper does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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