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Table 3-2: Race and Ethnicity Categories Collected by Various Data Sou

Race, Ethnicity, and Language Data: Standardization for Health Care Qu

TABLE 3-2 Race and Ethnicity Categories Collected by Various Data Sources

Categories CollectedCensus 2010 and ACS (2009)NHIS (2008)NIS (2007)NSDUH (2008)MEPS (2006)NAMCS (2008)NHAMCS (2009)Application for a SSN (update unknown)CMS Nursing Home Minimum Data Set (updated 2000)Standard Certificate of Birth and Death (updated 2003)SEER (updated 2008)
Responses to combined race and Hispanic ethnicity formatAsian, Asian-American or Pacific Islander       X   
Asian/Pacific Islander        X  
Hispanic       XX  
Black (Not Hispanic)       XX  
North American Indian or Alaskan Native       X   
American Indian/Alaskan Native        X  
White (Not Hispanic)       XX  
Responses for Hispanic ethnicity question in two-question formatYes/Hispanic or Latino XXXXXX    
No/Not Hispanic or Latino/Not of Spanish, Hispanic, Latino originXXXXXXX  XX
Puerto RicanXXXXX    XX
Cuban/Cuban AmericanXXXXX    XX
Dominican (Republic) X XX     X
Mexican XX X     X
Mexican American XX X      
Mexican/Mexican American/Mexicano/ChicanoX  X     X 
Central or South American X XX     X
Central American  X        
South American  X        
Spanish (from Spain)   X       
Spanish          X
Spanish-Caribbean  X        
Other Latin American X  X      
Other Hispanic/Latino/Spanish, SpecifyXX       X 
Other Hispanic/Latino, Specify   XX      
Other Spanish/Hispanic, Specify  X       X
Refused XXXX      
Don't know/Unknown XXXX     X


Categories CollectedCensus 2010NHISNISNSDUHMEPSNAMCSNHAMCSApplication for a SSNMinimum Data SetCertificate of Birth and DeathSEER
Responses to race question in two-question formatWhiteXXXXXXX  XX
Black/African American XXXXXX  X 
Black          X
Black, African Am., or NegroX          
American Indian XX        
Alaska Native XX        
American Indian or Alaska Native   XXXX    
American Indian or Alaska Native . Print name of enrolled or principal tribeX        X 
American Indian, Aleutian, Alaskan Native, or Eskimo          X
Native HawaiianXXXX     XX
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander    XXX    
SamoanXX       XX
Guamanian or ChamorroXX       XX
Micronesian          X
Polynesian          X
Tahitian          X
Tongan          X
Melanesian          X
Fiji Islander          X
New Guinean          X
Other Pacific Islander, SpecifyXXXX     XX
Asian  XXXXX    
Asian IndianXX XX    X 
Asian Indian, Pakistani          X
ChineseXX XX    XX
FilipinoXX XX    XX
JapaneseXX XX    XX
KoreanXX XX    XX
VietnameseXX XX    XX
Other Asian: SpecifyXX XX    XX
Laotian          X
Hmong          X
Kampuchean (including Khmer and Cambodian)          X
Thai          X
Some other race, SpecifyXXXXX    XX
Refused XX X      
Don't know/Unknown XX X     X

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