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Appendix A

Timeline of NHPC Activities

July 2003Meeting at AHRQ with the California Endowment to discuss moving forward with a collaborative to address disparities. AHRQ and RWJF decide to cosponsor the Collaborative.
November 2003-January 2004AHRQ contracts with RAND for plans' needs assessment and technical assistance.
Summer 2003 - Spring 2004AHRQ and RWJF develop Memorandum of Understanding on Participation.
Spring 2004RWJF contracts with CHCS (and through it, with IHI) to form a learning collaborative (later named the National Health Plan Collaborative) —; executed August 2004.
July 2004Principals meet to review plans for first meeting of the Collaborative.
August 2004CHCS/IHI and RAND call firms to discuss the Collaborative and provide initial technical assistance.
September 2004First meeting of the Collaborative at AHRQ in Rockville, MD.
March 2005Second meeting of the Collaborative in Santa Monica, CA.
June 2005Senior leadership of Collaborative meets in Chicago, IL.
July 2005Full Collaborative conference call.
August 2005GMMB contracted to design communication plan for the Collaborative to learn about communication priorities of the initiative and coordinate messages for consistency across the Collaborative.
December 2005GMMB releases National Health Plan Collaborative Communications Toolkit.
April 2006Full Collaborative conference call.
June 2006Third meeting of the Collaborative in Washington, DC. Stakeholder roundtable briefing in Washington, DC.
August 2006Full Collaborative conference call.
September 2006Final Meeting of the Phase I in Chicago, IL. Formal end of Phase I of the NHPC.
September 2006NHPC leadership meets in Chicago; sets priorities for Phase II and forms 3 task forces.
October 2006GMMB summary report released on NHPC Phase I.
December 2006Task forces begin monthly calls. Quality Summit on Reducing Disparities and Improving Quality (conducted as part of CHCS's ongoing work with RWJF).
March 2007In-person meeting in Indianapolis; task forces disbanded.
April 2007Call to discuss consensus reached in Indianapolis and action steps grid developed.
June 2007First conference call including Humana as an official member; discussion of primary data.
July 2007Language access call.
August 2007Business case call.
September 2007Primary data call. Webinar on translation process (presented by Molina).
October 2007Language access call.
December 2007In-person meeting in Santa Monica, CA.
January 2008Language access call (including presentation by UnitedHealth Group on its Asian In-Language Directory). Task Force #1 (Sustaining the NHPC) and Task Force #3 (Regional Collaboration) calls.
February 2008Task Force #1 call. Workgroup call (update on new task forces and plans for toolkit).
March 2008Workgroup call (NHPC priorities moving forward, update on toolkit, and remaining activities through end of Phase II). Task Force #2 call (national equity agenda/standardization).
April 2008Workgroup call (special topics include obtaining race/ethnicity/language from non-network clinics and collaborating with employer groups on clinical activities).
May 2008Workgroup call (health literacy webinar).
July 2008Final in-person meeting at RAND in Arlington, VA.
September 2008GMMB releases the NHPC toolkit. Formal end of Phase II of the NHPC.

Note: Additional activities of the Collaborative included technical assistance calls between the support organizations and firms in Phase I, and periodic conference calls of the Operational Committee (comprising the sponsors and support organizations) throughout Phases I and II.

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