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Exhibit 18. Counts of identified organisms by procedure

Exhibit 18*

CABGS. aureusNA10NA
 P. aeruginosaNA00NA
HERNIAS. aureus1010
 P. aeruginosa0000
TKAS. aureus1320
 P. aeruginosa0000
THAS. aureus3301
 P. aeruginosa0100
SSI with recognized pathogens72042
Total SSI132543

DH = Denver Health; IH = Intermountain Health; VA SLC = Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System; VVMC = Vail Valley Medical Center; CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting, HERNIA = herniorrhaphy, THA = total hip arthroplasty, TKA = total hip arthoplasty,
* More than one organism can be counted for a single SSI. Only identified organisms are counted.
Organisms categorized by surgical bed, so that other surgeries with SSI at the same site could not be easily differentiated.

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