Table 12_3_2-2

2010 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

The National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) is a comprehensive national overview of quality of health care in the United States. It is organized around four dimensions of quality of care: effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, and patient centeredness.

Table 12_3_2.2
Accidental puncture or laceration during procedure per 1,000 discharges, under age 18,a United States, 2000, 2004-2007
Population groupRateSERateSERateSERateSERateSE
Total 0.850.020.930.020.880.010.800.020.680.02
Median income of patient's ZIP CodeFirst quartile (lowest income)0.790.
Second quartile1.010.030.990.030.850.030.770.030.740.03
Third quartile0.800.030.840.030.960.030.850.030.700.03
Fourth quartile (highest income)0.790.030.870.030.730.030.720.030.550.03
Location of patient residenceLarge central metropolitan0.780.030.800.030.800.030.640.030.490.03
Large fringe metropolitan0.740.030.800.030.800.030.710.030.600.03
Medium metropolitan0.970.
Small metropolitan0.850.060.930.
Micropolitan (nonmetropolitan)
Noncore (nonmetropolitan)
Expected payment sourcePrivate insurance0.850.020.930.020.880.020.800.020.650.02
Other insurance0.510.
Uninsured/self-pay/no charge0.860.090.760.090.920.080.760.080.590.08
Region of inpatient treatmentNortheast0.800.040.960.030.760.030.800.040.660.04
Ownership/control of hospitalPrivate, not for profit0.840.020.920.020.920.020.750.020.620.02
Private, for profit0.760.050.650.050.430.
Teaching status of hospitalTeaching0.820.020.840.020.880.020.690.020.670.02
Location of hospitalLarge central metropolitan0.860.020.840.020.880.020.660.020.630.02
Large fringe metropolitan0.670.030.900.050.600.040.640.050.580.04
Medium metropolitan0.840.
Small metropolitan1.
Micropolitan (nonmetropolitan)1.360.
Noncore (nonmetropolitan)0.950.
Bed size of hospitalLess than 1001.380.
500 or more0.770.030.910.030.960.030.630.020.570.03

a Excludes obstetric admissions, normal newborns, and neonates with a birth weight less than 500 grams.� Also excludes admissions specifically for such problems, such as cases from earlier admissions or from other hospitals.� Rates are adjusted by age, gender, diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), major diagnostic categories (MDCs), and comorbidities. When reporting is by age, the adjustment is by gender, DRGs, MDCs, and comorbidities; when reporting is by gender, the adjustment is by age, DRGs, MDCs, and comorbidities.

DSU - Data do not meet the criteria for statistical reliability, data quality, or confidentiality.

Key: SE: standard error.

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Nationwide Inpatient Sample; and AHRQ Quality Indicators, version 3.1.


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