Table 14_3_1-1

2010 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

The National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) is a comprehensive national overview of quality of health care in the United States. It is organized around four dimensions of quality of care: effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, and patient centeredness.

Table 14_3_1.1
Pharmacist distribution and rate per 100,000 population, United States, 2006-2008
Population groupPercent aPercent bRate cPercent aPercent bRate cPercent aPercent bRate c
Total 100.0100.089.3100.0100.088.4100.0100.087.6
RaceSingle race         
Multiple races2.30.831.
   All races84.696.3101.685.096.4100.385.296.699.3
Hispanic, all races15.43.721.615.03.621.214.83.420.1

a Percent distribution of population in the United States.

b Percent distribution of pharmacists in the United States.

c Rate of pharmacists per 100,000 population.

Key: AI/AN: American Indian or Alaska Native; NHOPI: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

Source: U.S. Census, American Community Survey.


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