Table 16_1_3-2

2010 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

The National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) is a comprehensive national overview of quality of health care in the United States. It is organized around four dimensions of quality of care: effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, and patient centeredness.

Table 16_1_3.2
People under age 65 with any private health insurance,a United States, 1999-2004
Population groupPercentSEPercentSEPercentSEPercentSEPercentSEPercentSE
Total 68.80.468.90.469.40.471.20.471.50.472.80.3
RaceAI/AN only44.73.745.03.837.93.749.04.743.
Asian only71.61.671.41.770.91.772.31.672.11.773.31.7
NHOPI only63.98.570.
Black only53.90.954.
White only71.40.471.50.473.40.475.10.475.70.476.90.3
Multiple races62.
EthnicityHispanic, all races41.70.841.90.844.40.846.10.847.80.948.90.9
Non-Hispanic, all races73.70.473.70.473.70.475.30.475.20.476.30.4
Non-Hispanic, Black54.60.955.
Non-Hispanic, White77.90.477.80.477.90.479.40.479.50.480.40.4
Family incomebNegative/poor21.80.923.
Near poor/low45.70.944.70.847.10.949.00.850.10.951.50.8
Education, ages 25-64Less than high school39.40.839.70.842.00.844.20.745.20.848.00.7
High school graduate69.80.570.00.570.60.573.90.574.10.574.40.5
At least some college83.50.383.90.384.50.385.70.385.80.386.40.3
Location of residenceUrban67.50.467.80.469.30.470.30.470.60.472.00.4

a Estimates are age adjusted to the 2000 standard population.� Age data are unadjusted.

b Negative or poor refers to family incomes below the Federal poverty line for a given household size and composition; near poor/low, over the poverty line to just below 200 percent of the poverty line; middle, 200 percent to just below 400 percent of the poverty line; and high, 400 percent of the poverty line and over.

Key: AI/AN: American Indian or Alaska Native; NHOPI: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; SE: standard error.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey.


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