2011 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

The National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) is a comprehensive national overview of quality of health care in the United States. It is organized around four dimensions of quality of care: effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, and patient centeredness.

Table 12_4_7.1
Visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient departments, and hospital emergency departments for adverse effects of medical care per 1,000 population,a United States, 2006-2009
Population groupNumberRateSENumberRateSENumberRateSE
Total 2,45333.21.82,72141.72.42,63734.62.3
65 and over67683.67.5739105.29.969693.99.8
Race bWhite1,90133.62.12,15943.03.02,07637.04.0
Location of patient residenceMSA2,12133.22.02,41644.13.02,37136.12.8

a. Rates were computed using 2000-based postcensal estimates of the civilian noninstitutionalized population as of July 1 of each data year. Adverse effects of medical care were identified as office-based physician and hospital outpatient department visits for which a checkbox indicated that an adverse medical/surgical or medicinal drug event had occurred. For emergency visits, adverse effects were identified by International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision codes 995.0, 995.2, 995.4, or 996-999, or by a verbatim reason for visit or cause of injury indicating adverse medical, surgical, or drug effects.

b. Race data were missing from 30.2% of 2007-2008 and 14.3 % of 2008-2009 adverse effect visit data. Missing data were imputed, and standard errors were inflated consistent with the guidance in 2007 NAMCS Microdata File Documentation, ftp://ftp.cdc.gov/pub/Health_Statistics/NCHS/Dataset_Documentation/NAMCS/doc07.pdf. These data should be interpreted with caution.

DSU - Data do not meet the criteria for statistical reliability, data quality, or confidentiality.

Key: AI/AN: American Indian or Alaska Native; NHOPI: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; MSA: metropolitan statistical area; SE: standard error.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.


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