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2012 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

This appendix provides detailed data tables for all measures analyzed for the 2012 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports. Tables are included for measures discussed in the main text of the reports as well as for other measures that were examined but not included in the main text.
Table 8_1_1_1.1
Hospitals that have implemented select electronic capabilities, including patient demographics, physician notes, nursing notes, problem list, medication list, discharge summaries, and advanced directives, United States, 2010
Hospital characteristics Sample sizePercentSEb
Total 3,06418.40.7
Bed sizeLess than 1001,48913.70.9
400 or more33125.92.4
Graduate medical education programaYes65729.51.8
Medical school affiliationYes87228.51.5
Member of the Council of Teaching HospitalsYes25038.03.1
Control of hospitalGovernment, non-Federal77412.61.2
Nongovernment, not for profit1,78120.81.0
Investor-owned, for profit4419.51.4
Government, Federal6877.95.0
Hospital typeGeneral medical and surgical2,59619.20.8
Children's general3938.47.8
Acute long-term care7915.14.0

a Residency training program approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

b Standard errors were estimated using the SAS 9.2.2 means procedure and should be interpreted with caution as data may violate assumption of normality.

DSU - Data do not meet the criteria for statistical reliability, data quality, or confidentiality (relative standard error larger than 30% or sample size less than 10).

Source: American Hospital Association, Information Technology Supplement.

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