Table T2_9_2_8-2a

2012 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

This appendix provides detailed data tables for all measures analyzed for the 2012 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports. Tables are included for measures discussed in the main text of the reports as well as for other measures that were examined but not included in the main text.
Table 2_9_2_8.2a
Patients with tuberculosis who completed a curative course of treatment within 1 year of initiation of treatment,a by race, United States, 2008
Population groupNumberPercentSEbNumberPercentSEbNumberPercentSEbNumberPercentSEbNumberPercentSEb
Total 9,53184.70.34,20683.60.52,52386.40.62,61685.10.612585.02.9
65 and over1,55183.90.975284.21.226286.52.051382.31.5DSUDSUDSU
  Mexican, Mexican American1,24179.41.01,22279.51.0DSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSU
  Puerto Rican4593.83.53892.74.1DSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSU
  Other Hispanic/Latino or Spanish Origin1,42782.50.91,33082.60.97585.23.8DSUDSUDSUDSUDSUDSU

a Only cases with known age, sex, race, and ethnicity are shown in this table. Since 2004, the calculation of completion of therapy has changed. Estimates are only for cases completing therapy within 12 months.

b Standard errors were estimated using the SAS 9.2.2 means procedure and should be interpreted with caution as data may violate assumption of normality.

DSU - Data do not meet the criteria for statistical reliability, data quality, or confidentiality.

Key: AI/AN: American Indian or Alaska Native; API: Asian or Pacific Islander; SE: standard error.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National TB Surveillance System.

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