Figure 12. Disposition of Submission by Prospera (Text description)

Technology assessment on negative pressure wound therapy devices.

Figure 12. 

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Figure 12 is an attrition diagram that depicts the status of documents that Prospera submitted for possible inclusion in the report.

The diagram begins with a box outlining the total submission of 56 documents. Several boxes ensue which are connected by arrows going from top to bottom which follow the submissions as they are being screened for possible inclusion in the report.

In the first frame, we compare Prospera's submission to submissions by other interested stakeholders and remove any duplicates. Prospera had 19 duplicate submissions.

An arrow leads from the 37 Unique Submissions to the Initial Screening Phase where documents may be excluded, used in our Background Section or passed to the next level. In this instance, nine documents were identified for exclusion. One was product information, three were personal communications and five were "other documents not relevant to the report".

Four documents were identified for inclusion in our Background Section.

The path then follows the 24 full articles remaining. During this phase of screening we do a more extensive screening which is again based on our pre-determined inclusion/exclusion criteria. Go to our Methods Section for additional information on the criteria.

24 full articles were excluded during this evaluation phase; five were animal studies; six were narrative reviews; one was not a clinical study; six did not include a NPWT device and six were excluded for Other Reasons which may include "inclusion of healthy subjects", "lack of reporting wound healing outcomes" or "patients treated with dual therapies."

Due to the exclusion of all 24 submissions at this level, zero submissions remained for possible inclusion in the report. Note: Language has been corrected to reflect screening of meeting abstracts, poster presentations and other documents in addition to abstracts of full articles.

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