AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

Appendix 2-D. Web Site Initiation Checklist

All new Web content is subject to review to ensure that all of AHRQ's Web projects meet the Agency, Department, and Federal Government's policies.

Prior to creating a new Web site, Web site section, or Web application, please contact Biff LeVee, AHRQ's Web Site Manager.

Web Site/Project Information

Project Name:


Project Manager:


Web Site URL:


Planned Deployment Date:


Project Start Date:


Project End Date:


Please prepare to answer the following questions and bring a current project schedule with you:

  1. How does this project meet the Agency's goals?
  2. Will the Web site be maintained by AHRQ or by an AHRQ contractor? (If contractor, provide name.)
  3. Have all clearance issues been addressed (as applicable)? This includes:
    • ASPA clearances.
    • If personally identifiable information is being collected or displayed, has a Privacy Impact Assessment been created? Has a System of Records Notice been created and submitted to the Federal Register?
  4. Does the project meet legal requirements and incorporate Federal best practices? These include:

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