AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

Appendix 3-A. Clearance Process for Press Releases

Press releases from AHRQ require clearance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA). In addition, press releases issued by AHRQ grantees and contractors must follow a "third party" clearance process as outlined by HHS and coordinated through the Office of Communications and Knowledge Transfer (OCKT).

Third-Party Press Releases

If the grantee, contractor, or partner wants to create its own "third-party" press release, the AHRQ program staff, OCKT team lead, and OCKT media relations staff establish the terms under which this can occur. At a minimum:

  • The press release must acknowledge AHRQ sponsorship.
  • AHRQ must approve the press release; in particular, editing for any mention of funding or findings.
  • The press release must go through ASPA clearance if it includes a quote from a Federal spokesperson. OCKT media relations staff will send the press release to ASPA for clearance.
  • The press release must not be issued prior to AHRQ's press release.

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