Appendix 3-B. Clearance Process for Media Interviews

AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

Interview requests from local or regional outlets (e.g., Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Sacramento Bee) or trade publications (e.g., Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics) should be sent to Alison Hunt in the Office of Communications and Knowledge Transfer (OCKT) before the interview is given. Although there is no outside clearance needed, OCKT needs to be aware of the request before the interview is given.

Interview requests from major media outlets (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNN, etc.) must be submitted to OCKT before the interview is conducted. OCKT is required to clear interviews with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs before the interview occurs.

AHRQ staff or contractors who receive interview requests should complete the template below and contact Alison Hunt at (301) 427-1244 or to request clearance. Arranging interviews before receiving approval is not permitted.

After requests for interviews are granted, OCKT will work with program staff and the reporter to coordinate a time for the interview. Interviews are usually conducted over the phone or, if the reporter agrees, via Email. Staff are encouraged to call reporters directly rather than sharing their direct line. If a reporter asks for referrals to other staff within the Agency, program staff should let Alison Hunt know before giving the reporter additional contact information.

Media Interview Request Template



Phone no. / Email:



Suggested Spokesperson:

Expected place of publication (print, online, broadcast):

Expected date of publication/airing:

Expected prominence (e.g., front page, Sunday, evening/morning show, etc.):

Key Messages/Talking Points:

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