Appendix 4-B. YouTube Video Submission Checklist

AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

This checklist was created to assist program staff and contractors who would like to submit a video to an existing AHRQ YouTube channel.

The video being submitted must already be cleared through OCKT and, when applicable, HHS/ASPA. If you are not sure if the video is cleared, please Email the video file or URL to, and the OCKT social media team will make sure it has the appropriate clearances before posting to YouTube.

To submit a video to be posted to an AHRQ YouTube channel, please Email the following information to to let OCKT know you want to submit a video:

  • Video file: The file should be in the highest resolution possible—720 x 480 is the minimum resolution that is acceptable. If the video is available online, please provide the URL.
  • Transcript: OCKT prefers to receive time-coded transcripts. This satisfies a requirement for videos placed on sites outside of YouTube. Transcripts can be Word® or.txt files. An example of the format for a time-coded transcript is below:

    DR. DOE
    Good afternoon—or good morning to those of you joining us from the West Coast. My name is Dr. John Doe, and I would like to start by welcoming everyone, whether you are here with us in person or via Web cast. Thank you for attending.

    DR. DOE
    So, we'll start today with brief remarks from each of our distinguished experts and then move on to answer your questions.

  • Title of video(s): Note that titles should be brief and in plain language. OCKT will work with staff to choose the best possible title. The suggested title can be written in the body of the Email. Note that YouTube has a restraint on the title length, which is 168 characters.
  • Description of video: This can be written in the body of the Email.
  • Keywords or metatags: These are words that describe the video and help people find the video during a search. We suggest developing 5–10 keywords for each video. OCKT can work with you on choosing appropriate key words.
  • Name/title of the existing YouTube channel on which you would like the video to appear. You can find the existing channel list here:     (under AHRQ Channels on the right). The current list of AHRQ's YouTube channels includes:
  • URL of video on existing .gov Web site: HHS policy states that videos on third-party Web sites like YouTube must also exist on a .gov site. These videos can either be hosted on the .gov site or embedded YouTube videos. YouTube also uses this URL in the video description on YouTube. Note that if the video already does exist on a government Web site, it already may have a transcript. However, you will still need to provide OCKT with a time-coded transcript of the video. If the video does not already live on a .gov site, staff must work with OCKT or other .gov site managers to get it posted before it can be posted on YouTube.
  • Name and contact information of the submitter.

After you submit the video:

  • The AHRQ YouTube manager also may create or add your video to a playlist on a YouTube channel. Playlists group related videos so viewers can access similar videos easily.
  • The AHRQ YouTube manager will communicate throughout the posting process to ensure all needs for the video are met. If there are any problems with what was submitted, OCKT will work with program staff to resolve them.

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