Appendix 5-A. Video Consideration Checklist

AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

This checklist contains questions to assist AHRQ project officers and contractors who are considering the creation of a video product.

What do you intend to accomplish with this video (e.g., does the video's message relate to saving money, reducing a common medical error, etc.)? 
What specific message are you trying to send?  
How does your message align with AHRQ priorities? 
Why is video the best way to convey your message? 
If the video is intended to be used for training, what particular problem or issue are you addressing? 
Have you had specific requests for videos or DVDs regarding this information?___ Yes     ___ No

If yes, from which individuals or groups?
Who is your target audience?  
How many people do you believe will watch your video?Number
How and when do you envision people viewing the video?___ DVD
___ Over the Internet
___ At a conference
___ Other:
How will the audience use the information presented? 
How long will the information on the video be useful? What will determine when it is out of date?___ <6 months
___ 1 year
___ >1 year
Do similar videos already exist?___ Yes     ___ No

If yes, how will your video be different?
What is the budget for the video?$
Does the budget include funds for:
  • Pre-production (including scripting)?
  • Post-production (including captioning/subtitles and transcripts)?
  • Duplication (including packaging)?

___ Yes     ___ No
___ Yes     ___ No
___ Yes     ___ No
What is the funding source?  
When do you need to have a finished video in hand?Date:
Is the video project tied to any event?___ Yes     ___ No

If yes, name and date of the event:
How many copies of the video will you require?Quantity:
In what format will you need the video?___ DVD
___ Web
___ Inserted into PowerPoint®
___ Other?
How will the videos be distributed?___ Mail
___ Conference
___ Internet
___ Other:
Does the video need to be packaged in a particular way? 
If yes, have you contacted someone from OCKT's publishing staff to review the packaging?
(Go to Section 1 of the AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines for information on style and submitting art files.)
How long will the video be?Minutes:
If the video will be distributed on DVD, will it be interactive?___ Yes     ___ No

If yes, how will it be interactive?
Who will be featured in the video? 
How were these people chosen for the video?Rationale:
Will b-roll (background video) be used?___ Yes     ___ No
If yes, how will it be obtained? And if there is a separate cost, how much will that be?$
Will music be added?___ Yes     ___ No
If yes, what is the cost of the music, and what rights does purchase convey to AHRQ? 
Will the video have animation?___ Yes     ___ No
If yes, how will it be obtained, and what is the cost of the animation?$
Who is drafting the script? (OCKT must review all scripts.)Name
What vendor will produce the video?Company Name
Main Contact with Phone Number:
Why was this vendor chosen?Rationale:
Through what mechanism will the vendor be paid (e.g., contract, task order, other)? 
Clearance and Contracting
Who on the project will work with OCKT on getting AHRQ and HHS clearance for the video?Name
In addition to OCKT staff, who will need to approve the script and/or final video?Name:
Contact information:
(a) Has the vendor been informed he is required to provide transcripts of all audio files, and (b) is this written into the contract or task order?(a) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?

(b) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?
(a) Has the vendor been informed that every person whose face is seen on the video must sign a talent release, and (b) is this written into the contract or task order? See Appendix 5-C for a sample.(a) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?

(b) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?
(a) Has the vendor been informed that the final version of the video must comply with all relevant requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (including providing captioning or subtitles), and (b) is this written into the contract or task order?(a) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?

(b) ___ Yes     ___ No

If no, why not?
How will you measure the video's impact or success? 

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