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Summaries on evidence to maximize your time.
Plain language information on treatments for various conditions
See how patients and caregivers can learn about their treatment options.
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Read treatment summaries for consumers from the Effective Health Care Program.
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La información basada en la investigación nos beneficia a todos.
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Designed to help patients think about what is important to them when talking to clinicians about treatment options.
Every minute with your patients counts. Maximize your time and effectiveness with reliable tools from AHRQ that support evidence-based medicine.
Explore treatment options. Compare benefits and risks. Prepare for your medical appointments. Get clear, unbiased information about treatments for common health conditions. Watch the videos below.
Infórmate acerca de tus opciones de tratamientos, compara los riesgos y los beneficios y prepárate para tus citas médicas. Obtén información sobre tratamientos para condiciones de salud comunes.
The EHC program funds researchers working with AHRQ to produce comparative effectiveness research.
The Effective Health Care Program encourages the public to participate in the development of its research projects.