Comparative Reports on Dialysis Facilities

The following reports are examples of comparative information on the quality of care provided by dialysis facilities.

Report Title: Dialysis Facility Compare

Web Site: Accessed October 23, 2015.

Developer: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Developer Type: Federal government

Location: United States

Synopsis: Dialysis Facility Compare provides detailed information on the quality of services provided by Medicare-certified dialysis facilities in the United States. Each facility is given a star rating based on nine measures of quality, with detailed quality scores about the facility’s hospitalizations, deaths and the use of best treatment practices. The star rating ranges from one to five stars, with a five-star rating considered 'much above average' compared to other dialysis facilities; one- or two- star rating indicates that measured outcomes were below average compared to those for other facilities. Dialysis Facility Compare uses other methods of displaying quality information including numeric data in tables and graphs.

Report Title: HealthGrove

Web Site: Accessed October 26, 2015.

Developer: Graphiq

Developer Type: News Organization

Location: United States

Synopsis: HealthGrove reports on the quality of dialysis facilities in the United States by using interactive visualizations. The Web site includes measures of overall quality provided by Medicare, pre-treatment quality, dialysis quality, and post-treatment patient health, as well as information on what to watch for in dialysis centers. HealthGrove uses a system called Smart Rating, designed to help users quickly identify high-performing dialysis centers based on hospitalizations and deaths, treatment options, anemia management and total performance score. Other methods that are used to display quality information on HealthGrove include pie charts, bar graphs, check marks and star ratings. Across the Web site, different color codes are used to show how facilities are performing on the reported measures.

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