Get the American Indian Survey and Instructions

From this page, you can download the files needed to conduct the CAHPS American Indian Survey.

To learn about the documents available to support your use of the American Indian Survey, read: What's Available for the American Indian Survey (PDF, 162 KB; PDF Help).

Users of this survey can adapt some instructions that were developed for the Clinician & Group Surveys: Get Clinician & Group Surveys and Instructions. For help in adapting these instructions to the American Indian Survey please contact the CAHPS Help Line at or 1-800-492-9261.

Download the American Indian Survey and Instructions: (ZIP, 3.0 MB). Use this survey to ask adult American Indians about their experience with tribal health care facilities. Read about this survey.

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Contents of the ZIP File

What's Available for the CAHPS American Indian Survey
Find out what documents are available to support your use of the American Indian Survey.


American Indian Survey
Includes the questionnaire for an adult population; available in English only.

Guidance Documents

Translating CAHPS Surveys
Explains how to translate CAHPS surveys from English into another language in a cost-effective yet culturally competent manner.

Instructions for Analyzing Data from CAHPS Surveys
Provides general guidelines for using the CAHPS analysis program (known as the CAHPS macro).

SAS Document Package
Includes SAS® files needed for the CAHPS analysis program.

Patient Experience Measures for the American Indian Survey
Provides a list of the composite and rating measures that can be used for public and internal reports of survey results; tables indicate which survey items are included in each measure.

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