Report Scores to Consumers

The CAHPS Health Plan Survey was originally conceived as a tool for informing consumers about the quality of the health plans available to them. While the survey itself has undergone some changes since that time, the emphasis on public reporting of survey results has remained constant.

Over the years, the CAHPS Consortium has contributed to many resources intended to support organizations in reporting survey results in a way that understandable and usable for consumers. Currently available resources include the following.

Guidelines for CAHPS Reporting

Sponsors of the Health Plan Survey can refer to guidelines and strategies based on consumer testing conducted by the CAHPS Consortium, the experiences of CAHPS researchers and sponsors, and published literature on related topics.


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's TalkingQuality Web site ( is a comprehensive guide to planning and implementing a report to consumers with comparative information on health care quality. Organizations that report Health Plan Survey results can consult TalkingQuality for advice on displaying scores, describing the CAHPS measures, promoting awareness and use of the information, and evaluating the reporting project.

The following podcasts feature interviews with quality reporters and reporting experts:

  • Tips on Making Quality Reports User-Centered
  • The Effects of Out-of-Pocket Costs on Enrollees' Experiences With Health Plans: Implications for Consumer Reporting
  • Use of "Roll-ups" to Report CAHPS Survey Results and Other Quality Measures
  • How Social Media Can Draw Visitors to a Quality Report
  • Rating the Raters: How the Informed Patient Institute Assesses Health Care Quality Reports
  • Branding Your Quality Report
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