Search Supplemental Items for CAHPS Surveys

Users of standardized CAHPS surveys may incorporate supplemental items in order to meet the needs of their organizations, local markets, and/or audiences. Use the filters at left to identify the supplemental items available for the CAHPS survey of interest. Select an item title to get the full wording of the survey item, response options, and any instructions.

Important notes:

  • Some items cover events that occur with low frequency in the general population. Before adding them to your survey, it is important to consider whether your sample design is likely to yield a sufficient number of responses to those questions for statistical analysis and reporting.
  • All supplemental items that have been developed for CAHPS surveys are being reviewed to ensure that the items are relevant, consistent across surveys, not duplicative with core items, and in line with current CAHPS standards and approaches. Items will be added to this list as they are finalized.
Survey: Cancer Care
Version: Adult
Topic: Information from providers
Cancer Care > Adult > Information from providers
Cancer Care > Adult > Information from providers