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This is a slide presentation of a webinar presented on March 6, 2014.

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AFYA, Inc. 

— Achieving Excellence Through Service —

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About AFYA

  • AFYA means "health" in Swahili.
  • Corporate mission: eliminating health disparities and improving access to care.
  • 22 years of experience providing services 8 of the 11 HHS operating divisions, other Federal agencies, private sector firms, and non-profits:
    • AHRQ is one of AFYA's longest standing clients (10 years).

To the left of the text are several front covers of AFYA publications.

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AFYA's Structure

Image of a Venn diagram with 3 circles showing the 3 divisions of AFYA: Analytical and Technical Services Division (ATSD); Information Support Services Division (ISSD); and Publications Production Center (PPC).

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Corporate Qualifications


  • Specializes in cultural competency.
  • Uses technical approaches that draw upon our knowledge of key programmatic directives such as the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to perform on multiple, concurrent tasks and to initiate work quickly.


  • Provides meeting planning support (small and large scale; in-person and virtual).
  • Plans and supports events in support of research (interviews, focus groups, etc.).
  • Provides graphic design and report development services.
  • Provides technical and copyediting support.
  • Creates Section 508-compliant Web designs.


  • Initiates stakeholder engagement.
  • Identifies and recruits study populations.
  • Develops instruments and obtains PRA and OMB clearance.
  • Conducts literature reviews and environmental scans.
  • Conducts formative research and summative/impact evaluations.
  • Conducts quantitative and qualitative research and analyses.
  • Develops tools and curricula Provides health communications services.
  • Provides training and technical assistance.
  • Conducts strategic planning and SWOT analyses.
  • Conducts performance measurement and ensures compliance with the GPRA.

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AFYA's Expertise

Images of different issues showing AFYA's expertise in various font sizes. The issues include: Multiple Chronic Conditions and HHS Strategic Framework; Affordable Care Act; Health Literacy: Mental Illness; Cultural Competency; Disease Prevention; Tobacco Cessation; Women's Health; Clinical Practice Guidelines; Self-management Support; Adolescents & Young Adults; and Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

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AFYA's KT-IDIQ Partners

  • AcademyHealth – a nationally-known health services and policy research organization; a long-time supporter of AHRQ.
  • ICF International (ICFI) – an international professional services and technology firm; a long-time AFYA partner.
  • John Snow International (JSI) – a national leader in the use of mobile technology for health (mHealth) to increase access to care.
  • Ketchum, Inc. – an award-winning marketing firm.
  • The Lewin Group – a national leader in health policy analysis.

Newest Partner:

  • Professional Services Education Group – a full service, accredited medical education company with extensive e-learning and multimedia capabilities.

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Management Capabilities

Project Management

  • Use of management tools that help ensure effective resource allocation (e.g., Microsoft Project, WBSs, SharePoint).
  • Development of detailed schedules and project work plans.
  • Ability to perform on multiple, concurrent tasks and to initiate work quickly.
  • Effective subcontractor and consultant management.

To the right of the list above are a series of steps shown in the process;

Step 1: Receipt of Task Order Request

Step 2: Analyze the Task Order Statement of Work and Conceptualize the Approach

Step 3: Prepare a Draft Work Plan and Budget

Step 4: Revise Task Order Plan and Budget

Step 5: Implement Work on the Task Order

Step 6: Initiate Task Order Transition and Close-Out.

Controlling Mechanisms

  • Fiscal controls: AFYA uses Deltek, an internal, automated fiscal control system that tracks expenses at both the project and individual task level.
  • Project reporting: monthly progress reports, management meetings, financial reports, and annual contract reports (or others as required).
  • Project management: AFYA’s project performance management and monitoring approach starts by linking key elements of the project—scope, schedule, and budget—to provide an integrated baseline against which performance is monitored and changes managed.

At the bottom right of the slide is an image with an inner circle and many other circles surrounding it with lines going to the outer circles. The inner circle says "Change Management". The outer circles say: Standard Operating Procedures, Staff Training, Kick-Off Meetings (Internal/External), Project Communication, Project Controls, Evaluation of Project Activities, Stakeholder Analysis, and Risk Assessment.

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Our Methodology

AFYA's Evaluation and Research Study Framework*

Image of a circular flowchart showing 7 steps in the framework process:

Step 1: Engage Stakeholders.

Step 2: Describe the Program/Collect Information (with arrow also pointing back to Step 1).

Step 3: Form, Convene, and Support Advisory Panel (with arrow also pointing back to Step 1).

Step 4: Develop the Evaluation Design

Step 5: Collect and Analyze Data

Step 6: Summarize Data and Key Findings

Step 7: Disseminate Findings and Lessons Learned

*Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) framework for program evaluation in public health. MMWR Recomm Rep. 1999 Sep 17;48(RR-11):1-40.

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Our Work for AHRQ

  • Educating the Educator about PCOR and Shared Decisionmaking [AFYA/AcademyHealth/Lewin/Ketchum].
  • Support to Update AHRQ Strategic Plan [AFYA/JSI] Evaluation of the NGC [AFYA/Lewin].
  • Conducting Measurement Activities in Support of AHRQ Portfolios [AFYA/ICFI].
  • Pharmaceutical Outcomes Measures Evaluation [AFYA/ICF].
  • Support To Convene Expert Panel and To Develop an Approach to Deriving Composite Measures of Preventive Clinical Service Quality for Older Adults [AFYA].
  • Case Studies of Patient Safety Projects at Implementation Phase [AFYA].

To the upper left of the list are sample images of work produced for AHRQ.

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Our Work for HHS

  • OASH: HHS Evaluation of the Implementation of Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) — A Strategic Framework [AFYA/Mongan Institute for Health Policy]
  • SAMHSA: Eliminating Mental Health Disparities [AFYA]
  • CDC: Partnership Development Training - Injury Prevention Training Modules [AFYA/ICF] 
  • OWH: Environmental Scan of Current Girl/Adolescent Activities for the Development of a National Girl/Adolescent Health and Wellness Initiative [AFYA/ICF]
  • ALA-DC: Evaluation of the District of Columbia Tobacco-Free Families Campaign (DCTFF) [AFYA]
  • SAMHSA: Technical Assistance and Training for Grassroots Faith and Community-Based Organizations [AFYA]
  • SAMHSA: Racial and Ethnic-Specific Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination [AFYA]

To the right of the list are sample images of work produced for HHS.

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AFYA Advantage

  • Use a broad range of methodological approaches to help advance policy agendas and programs that promote health care quality and safety.
  • Have extensive relationships and connections with experts, professional organizations, health care payers and providers, and others in both the public and private sectors.
  • Use state-of-the-art technology to engage diverse stakeholders.
  • Use efficient, cost-effective strategies to successfully gather information to support policy and program initiatives at little cost to our clients.
  • Have a history of successfully supporting AHRQ, which has resulted in a detailed understanding of AHRQ’s organizational structure, research portfolios, priorities, and role in improving health care quality.
  • Effective partnerships with a team of organizations to address AHRQ’s varied needs.
  • Apply tested management approaches to deliver the highest quality work on-time and within budget.
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