My Quality Improvement (MyQI)

A key to improving healthcare quality

Welcome to MyQI. Here you will find a key to improving health care quality.

MONAHRQ has helped you with the first step in quality improvement planning—understanding health care problems in your area or hospital.

MyQI is your key to resources that can guide you whether you are a patient, a physician, a hospital administrator, or a public health professional.

Why is health care quality improvement important?

Health care can vary widely across hospitals, locales and population groups. Suboptimal care can lead to complications, unnecessary hospital stays, lingering illness, or even death. When quality of care gaps become apparent, all health care professionals must be involved in improving the quality of care they deliver. Patients can take a role too. The information in MyQI can help guide you to better quality of care.

Page last reviewed February 2018
Page originally created April 2013
Internet Citation: My Quality Improvement (MyQI). Content last reviewed February 2018. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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